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Health benefits of basil

10 things you need to know about traditional medicines to combat your modern ailments .  

Health benefits of basil

Monday January 09, 2017,

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Essential oils.


Essential oil the term particularly less commonly introduced in India. With tons of sites flooding the data over the internet it has now become easy to understand the uses of essential oil and careful considerations while using essential oils. Here are some benefits of Holy basil (tulsi) that you might not know.

Holy basil (Tulsi) is called queen of herbs one of the most sacred herbs found in India. Holy basil a native to Asia and Africa has been instilled into our hearts due to the use in making pesto sauce. Apart from this basils have a lot of uses in the body that cannot be ignored.

1. Adding basil to your diet helps protection from a lot of diseases. It has been found basil prevents the body from a wide range of bacteria Listeria , Salmonella. It is believed people consuming 2-3 leaves of Basil a day have a body that is more resistant.

2. Basils contain a compound called eugenol, which acts as same as ibuprofen.

3. Basils protects the DNA’s from radiation and Oxidative damages. Two Compounds orientin and Vicenin have shown to protect the cells from the damage caused by oxidation and radiation.

4. Analgesic properties basils have a great stand in Alternative medicine it is used as a natural pain killer.

5. A cure for the Sore throat. It is believed to boil 3-4 Basil leaves in water or gargling reducing the sore throat

6. Dealing with Stomach problems ? No problem Basil has some properties to ease your stomach problems and reduce the suffering caused from Acidity and constipation. 

7. Ancient times people used Basil leaves to brush the teeth to prevent gum disorders.

8. Bad breathe a self confidence killer. The main reason basil is used in tooth paste is due to its actions to ward off bad breathe.

9. Modern day technology and work results in Energy drain and stress. It is believed to boil Holy basil leaves and drink it with hot milk to reduce stress.

10. Leaves prevent the outburst of acne and pimple because basils act as natural purifiers by removing toxins.