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Courage is all it takes to be a successful entrepreneur

It takes a lot of courage to take a decision that can change your life. Leaving a well paying job to pursue your dream of becoming an entrepreneur is one such dream. This post is all about my how I mustered up the courage to become one and my journey as an entrepreneur. 

Courage is all it takes to be a successful entrepreneur

Wednesday November 15, 2017,

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I remember all those years when I was struggling to set up my business. I started my working at a tender age of 17, did a number of odd jobs, looked for new ways to make money and just went on. It took me few years before I could land up in a reputed MNC and earned a decent salary. After years of struggle and changing a dozen jobs, the quest for me to ‘do something of my own’ was still alive. Usually, when we reach a particular level after so much of struggle, we end up being satisfied.

But I wasn’t from the same flock. There was something in me that made me think of quitting the job every morning and evening. When I used to discuss my ‘unsatisfactory call’ with my friends and colleagues, they would simply make fun of me. In fact, they were right too. Who would ask you to risk your job, kill your chances of getting a pay next month, and ask you to start with your business idea?

I kept looking for answers from others around and every time I got nothing but a big NO. The reason I am writing all this is that because I see a number of people who look for outer consents and approvals to their decisions. Until the time, you are giving others the chance to decide for you, you will never know your actual potential.

How I Quit my Job?

Finally, after years of jobs and salary days, one day I gathered ‘COURAGE’ to quit my job. I still remember my boss words’ then, “I will make sure you don’t find a job now”. He was actually right. I was least interested in finding a job then. All I wanted was to set up my own company. The rest is all history.

Today I am a happy entrepreneur running a successful company that provides amazing project management solutions worldwide. However, the story doesn’t end here. It takes courage to pull on a startup, hire employees, retain them, create policies, handle internal issues, satisfy clients etc. My story may sound much normal than many others, you might have read.

The point here is that it took me great courage to lead this entrepreneurial journey. Had I allowed my fears and doubts to dominate my way, I would have been sitting in the same cubicle as I was 10 years ago.

If you have grand-sized goals then you will have to be courageous to fulfill them. Your dreams can only be manifested if you have the courage to work for them. You may have insufficient capital, limited resources, low manpower, and X number of reasons that can stop you from starting your own business. But believe me, it takes only one thing to overcome adversity and that is COURAGE.

I felt sharing my experiences may ignite courage in someone out there to take the bold step. That’s why I have compiled a few points below, which according to me are must-haves for the success of your entrepreneurial journey.

The Significant Other

Having a partner along with you on your entrepreneurial journey makes things quite easier. It can be a cofounder, life partner, friend or anyone whom you rely on for a good piece of advice.

In my case, my life partner and family has been a great support.

Every Time I used to hit low, I used to sit with them and they would spark that courage again in me. Moreover, it is good to be with people who believe in you and are ready to support you anyways. On the other hand, it is equally bad in being with people who will always tell you to give up or criticize your every decision.

Practice Creative Visualization

When things aren’t working out, people often get stuck on a negative trail of thoughts. This is the time to visualize your goal, company or success. As an entrepreneur and a dreamer, I have developed this art of creative visualization. It helps me to cope up with challenges and obstacles and keep my eyes on the goal.

Don’t forget to visualize the final stage of your goal every morning before you start your work. And remember, it takes courage even to visualize. Make sure you follow a fixed ritual every day to ensure you are disciplined and dedicated to your work.

Connect with Customers and Partners

Since customers’ have a large number of options today so it is important to build up an emotional bond with them. This emotional attachment can ultimately lead to sustainable growth. Although it is the most challenging task it takes courage to build a business with emotional attachments and brand equity.

As you begin, set your target audience and then build products and services accordingly. Don’t run after fulfilling all the needs of your customers, it will simply make it overly complex. Next, is to emotionally connect with your audience which is possible through true inspiration and a good brand message.

Practice Mindfulness

This is one of the most important things that every entrepreneur must follow. Although many people relate mindfulness with spiritual journey, in reality, mindful living is about being happy and peaceful. It is about being fully aware and conscious of the present moment.

In fact, business leaders and self-help gurus talk about mindfulness. The reason is simple. Being at this moment helps you save a lot of energy and also keep negative emotions at bay. However, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t worried about the future. It is only about being fully involved with what you are doing right now and not letting your mind wander in the future. This helps you to take better control of things around you without missing the important part.

Just remember that it’s your own journey and it entirely depends upon how you carry it forward. You may succeed in the very beginning or you may have to design a completely new product after a few failures. But never ever, give up the courage to fulfill your dream. Before, you begin your entrepreneurial journey, stand in front of the mirror and say, “Do you have the courage to survive as an entrepreneur”. Good Luck! 

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