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Facebook Integration in HoduCC Contact Center Software Helps You Deliver Top CX

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Facebook Integration in HoduCC Contact Center Software Helps You Deliver Top CX

Friday July 24, 2020,

5 min Read

Delivering the best customer experience is paramount for customer service contact centers. The traditional channels of voice, email, fax and text message are fine but you will find that social media channels in general and Facebook in particular can be arterial to customer experience. In fact, make it your predominant channel for interaction by using the right omnichannel Contact Center Software like HoduCC that integrates Facebook and you are well on your way.

Integrated Facebook and CRM in a single dashboard

Facebook lets you do lots more than Twitter or Instagram so it is not surprising that it has maximum number of users and it is used the most often. You can let Facebook spearhead campaigns or customer service activities. HoduCC contact center software can easily be integrated with existing CRM or, when you buy a new package, you get Zoho integrated CRM. CRM integration means:

  • You can easily call up data on existing customers
  • Capture data from Facebook interactions and feed it into the CRM.
  • Analyze outcomes

Making Facebook the de-facto channel

Voice predominates but social media has taken the lead in customer experiences in recent times. Make Facebook the de-facto channel of communication. It will help in customer experiences. Why and how?

  • Your agents can monitor the dashboard or set it so as to issue an alert whenever there is any activity on the Facebook page. Customers expect fast responses and you can do just that.
  • Facebook means immediacy. When you use Facebook for customer experiences it is best to interact as much as possible through that channel instead of saying..”I have sent you an email, please check it…” or …”Let me have your phone number and I will call back”… or … “please visit our site for more information..” Customers are then going to ask what is Facebook for if you cannot respond to a post with a suitable answer. Doing this has its benefit. Others may view it and assess your response which, if right, creates a favorable impression.
  • You can engage in private chat through Facebook Messenger and switch to video if you like right through the Facebook channel.
  • Let CRM keep track of all your Facebook interactions.

If one customer has a particular issue, you can be sure that similar issues are likely to arise in the future and you will follow the same routine. By Facebooking the customer interaction you are putting on public record how the issue can be handled. So, some customers may simply keep it in mind and take suitable action on their own without approaching your agents. Saves time, does it not?

Facebook Live

Writing Facebook posts takes time. Turn to Facebook Live as your interactive video platform. It is your one to many, many to one and one to one communication channel all rolled into the Facebook channel on your agent’s dashboard. You can post a static video and wait for response but, when you are campaigning for a company, Live has its advantages of being able to invite real time interactivity. You can record the entire live session and so can your customers. Live interaction is fulfilling and so satisfying for customers and for agents too. Hodusoft CC contact center software with Facebook integration makes it your prime interactive customer experience tool. Facebook has 1.5 billion users so you can appreciate its significance, especially when you conduct product launches or campaigns. Through the subscription feature your customers can be notified about live video streaming and join.

Advance notification

With Facebook staring you in the face you have the option of waiting for things to happen or simply keep track of conversations. Your agent could sniff a lead and go proactive, pursuing that lead and eventually grabbing the customer before he can think twice. Plus, if your client company wishes to make announcements or issue notifications to customers, Facebooking is the way to go. Simply post and that post will be shared. If it is a deal, you can be sure of a deluge of inquiries right there on Facebook in just a couple of minutes of the announcement.

It will cost you less

Yes, posts on Facebook cost less than what you will be paying for voice calls, even VoIP voice calls. Plus, your customers and your agents are probably leaning towards chat and posts since they can conveniently keep an eye on other things whereas a voice call would take up your exclusive attention. For instance, if you are talking on the phone you must keep the conversation going or the other person thinks you have hung up. A Facebook pose can have a hiatus of a few seconds or even a minute and no one is peeved. Facebook is like a happiness-inducing addictive drug and if people like it why not use it to keep them happy and well-served?

HoduCC - Contact Center Software with Facebook integration lets you bring it to the forefront for customer experiences and that translates to more revenues for you.