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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Recruitment Company in India

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Recruitment Company in India

Tuesday January 14, 2020,

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‘At the end of the day, the team you build is the company you build.’

~Steve Case

True Indeed! Your organisation is nothing but a talented team working dedicatedly to achieve each goal. That’s why finding the right team that can envision your company’s goal is imperative for its sustenance and growth. 

However, the job market today is highly competitive and candidate-driven. Finding the right talent could be a bit of a challenge! And the same is suggested in a survey report by Talent Now. It reveals that over 73% of the ideal candidates are generally passive job seekers and the best candidates won’t be available for more than 10 days! And when the requirement is in a metro city like Delhi, the ideal candidates would certainly be picked up even faster. 

This is where a recruitment agency can bring its expertise in talent acquisition to the table. Companies can leverage the experience and process of a recruitment company to fill in their vacancy in the shortest time with the right talent. Not just that, availing recruitment services can also help you retain the talent. 

But, you just know how a recruitment company can simplify your life; how do you find the best one among so many? To help you out, here are the factors you should consider to join hands with nothing but the best firm. 

Check The Industries They Serve

Delhi has a plethora of industries and each recruitment company targets certain industry and has expertise in it. Some have experience in a field where technical skills are put to the fore, while other outshine in acquiring talent based on their creative side or even physical stamina. Analyse your business and the type of candidate you are looking for. Based on the industry you are in, you can shortlist the top recruiting companies. 

Apart from that, you can also look for the kind of businesses they target. Are they mostly startups and SMEs or do they also provide recruitment services to larger enterprises? Each type of business type requires a separate kind of expertise. Make sure you find a recruitment company that can smartly cater to your talent requirements while adhering to industry standards. 

Review The Companies They’ve Assisted

Now that you know which industries they are specialising in, the next thing is to go through their portfolio and know what type of companies they have assisted. 

Numbers speak a lot; if their clientele is long and comprising of well-established names, you know they have a goodwill in the industry and can be trusted. Going by their clientele, you can clarify if the company would be suitable for your recruitment needs or not. 

See the kind of positions they have helped fill. Are they executive-level employees or simply entry-level ones? You can know if the companies they’ve assisted replicate your talent needs. One thing is sure, the companies they have assisted in the past would help you make a better decision. 

Read Through The Reviews & Testimonials

The reviews that the recruitment firm has received on various platforms like Google Reviews, MouthShut, and various other review sites can be very helpful. Apart from that, you can also turn to the company website and go through the testimonials that they have posted on their site. This would eliminate and clear off many doubts around the recruitment firm. 

You can even check in with the companies that they have assisted and know how the process was and how the employees turned out. The retention rate of the employees could also be a thing you can look out for. Further, you can see their social media presence and the kind of reviews they have received there. Also, ensure if they are associated with any professional association of recruitment or not. 

Evaluate Their Core Experience

The next thing you need to check is if they have enough experience or not. However, do not just go by their year of inception. There are chances that even the top recruiting companies with years of experience in their company profile might have fresher as their recruitment professionals. 

On the other hand, you might find a newly incepted recruitment company with recruitment experts that have been working in the industry for decades. Scan through the company properly, know their team members, and don’t be deceived by the surface numbers. 

Extent Of Their Role In Acquisition 

There are some recruitment companies that only shortlist the right candidates and offer you the list. There are some who offer to take care of the first interview round for a more filtered list of candidates. And then there are those who stay in the loop throughout, right from candidate search and shortlisting to interview and even salary negotiation. 

You need to be clear with the extent of their involvement in talent acquisition. Before getting recruitment services, analyse your requirements and cross-check if they can assist you with the same or not. 

Know Their Fee & How They Want To Be Paid

One of the most important yet the least talked about factor when it comes to hiring a recruitment company in Delhi is the fee and payment. From the very start, be clear about the fee that the recruitment firm is asking for. While many companies give a particular quote based on your requirements, some ask for a per cent of the employee’s salary. 

Many recruitment agencies charge around 15-20% of the recruit’s first annual salary, which might even fluctuate with the position you are hiring for. 

While all these factors can help you cut-short the list of the best recruitment companies in your area, join hands with them only after you have discussed their time to source, interview rate or success rate, and most importantly, uncovered all their hidden terms and conditions. This would help you find a recruitment agency that could bring in quality hire to your team.