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Things to consider while choosing a DTH operator

In India, viewers need to consider certain factors before choosing DTH service provider and can easily determine a the best dish TV plans by taking into account entry price point, monthly costs, channel packages, HD services and multi-room discounts. It is not a complicated process, but it does require you to research before reaching a decision.

Things to consider while choosing a DTH operator

Tuesday August 29, 2017,

3 min Read


Viewers are surrounded by many DTH service providers offering a plenty of service options to choose from. This may create confusion among the viewers as service providers race against each other to offer as they wanted to pick a DTH service provider. With ever-growing competition in DTH market, the service providers offer much better services such a number of HD channels and dish TV plans, optimized futures, viewer interactivity and so much more!

Things to Consider while Choosing DTH Operator:

1) Check the Number of Channels

a) The first and foremost thing to consider which DTH service provider offers the maximum channels as per the package price and especially the specific channels you wanted to include.

b) Do check the free channels, interactive channels, etc. And the number of regional channels being broadcast and whether the channels are interested to watch.

2) Package Plans of the DTH Service Providers

a) Do check the relevancy of the package plans offered by the service providers and check whether it meets your preferences.

b) Do a comparative study on plans and prices of the providers to fix the company that simply addresses your viewing needs.

c) Be certain about the extra cost you may need to make on the packages of special channels like lifestyle, sports, etc.( basic channels are exclusive of these types of channels and extra cost need to be remitted monthly)

d) Be sure about which provider allows for easy plan changing; while some of the providers offer this facility, others may not.

e) And on adding new channels, are they incorporated into current package.

3) The Installation Process

a) Installation charges of DTH service vary from a DTH service provider to another service provider. Make a judicious judgment on which provider offer the best installation charge and finalize the service. Check which company offers a flexible and easy installation process.

b) Check out if the installation cost includes coax cable and clips; and, if not, how much cost needs to be paid for cable.

4) DTH and Portability Option

If you are planning to switch the service provider later, better do know your current provider have the portability option on the installed set top box at your home. And be knowledgeable about portability.

5) Check Service Costs and Ease

On choosing your DTH service provider, ask for service costs as well as service ease once the installation has been completed. Ideal service providers offers easy request process as well as customer friendly care service. Moreover, do check whether they charge extra cost for such services.

6) Price of Basic Set-top Box

This is how you can determine the right service provider and enjoy your DTH services with package plan. Similarly, go about choosing the best price for Basic Set-top box that addresses you DTH service needs.


The above basic guidelines can help you become very proficient when it comes to choosing DTH service providers in India. It is highly recommended to do a comparison as well as a thorough research on your dish tv plans, which helps avoid landing on wrong or unfriendly DTH service providers to your dismay. It is advisable to remember there are several channels such as Netflix are available with only a few providers, so make your choice carefully!