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Your next content can go viral with these tried and tested strategies

Writing viral content is nothing but an art. With a little conscious effort and some simple strategies in mind, you can also become adept at the art of writing viral content. 

Your next content can go viral with these tried and tested strategies

Wednesday June 28, 2017,

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A single post from that writer this morning that got 3K views in the very first hour and the number of shares is just increasing like anything. And then most of us are left wondering what went wrong with our posts?

It is surprising how he manages to write on topics which often go viral over the whole internet every other day. This has increased the workload for us as we are continuously working to find strategies for popularizing the content. After all, who wouldn’t love to know about those smart ways to make content go viral when the results for such infectious content is large readers, advertisers, and subscribers.

This is the story of many writers, writing on the web. 

If you want to create profitable and contagious content then here are some crispy tips and successful strategies that actually work -

Only Positivity will attract Positivity


According to many content marketing experts, positive content goes viral more easily than the negative one. The logic behind this is simple - You cannot expect to sell a sad story where the protagonist is always lamenting. There is a dearth of positivity and goodness in people’s lives and they are eager for even a little sunshine. So, a bad story of yours would not be their call.

That’s why it is important to share everything that begins and ends on a positive note. Articles like, “How to overcome Monday morning blues” or “How to handle stress at workplace” always attract more readers as compared to negative content. So, the next time you are framing an article, remember this point. 

Be a Good Story Teller


If you want to sell your content become a good storyteller. People love to read engaging and meaningful stories. Remember that comics you use to read in childhood. They had little stories with a decent lesson at the end. And that’s why we used to love reading them.

Storytelling is a great idea to engage audience and convince them about your product or service. People love stories with a surprise element which teaches them a good lesson, or simply help them develop a skill or hobby.

Write to the Point


Writing cheesy content with long sentences is a part of bad writing. Experts recommend short, crispy and to the point content which helps the reader get to the crux of what’s being said without breaking the sweat. If your content is too long, the reader would soon start feeling disconnected to the topic.

Thus, it is important to ensure that your content is informative and comprehensible so that the reader doesn’t lose the interest. Such content pieces certainly sell faster than any other.

Create Crispy Headlines


The headline of the article is as important as the title of a book. An impressive title is what makes the reader buy the book. And, the same applies to the article or blog as well. A boring or straightforward title would not create an interest in the reader’s mind and they wouldn’t read it.

A crispy headline is the one, which concisely, yet clearly states the purpose of the article. Using intriguing adjectives can add beauty to it. It should be able to create and communicate the value of the article in the reader’s mind. 

Use Social Media Proactively


Popularizing your content demands a lot of smart efforts. In order to grow your audience, you need to post atleast 5-6 times in a day. Although every post cannot go viral, but with huge volume the chances become brighter.

The tale doesn’t end here. There are so many myths in the market about the good and the bad of social media. But, the fact of the matter is that social media plays a big role in helping you reach the right audience. Using social media proactively to share content can help you capture masses. Although it also enhances chances of losing some followers due to repeated shares, but the loss would be pretty less as compared to the number of clicks and views you would receive.

Give Credits


Never hesitate to give credits to websites or sources where you have taken references from. This would simply help readers to learn more from a particular source thereby creating a positive impact on your popularity and visibility. Gratitude can actually increase your worth here.

Retweeting, sharing links, and offering thoughtful comments keeps the reader engaged. In turn, you get what you want - Viral content.

Practical Takeaway


If you want your reader to honor your efforts and share the content, you need to give them a reason for doing it. And, the best reason would be a practical learning and takeaway point from your content. This would make them share it with their friends, colleagues, and on social media as well.

Hope these strategies and tips will help you to create engaging content, which attracts a large number of viewers. If there are any other interesting ways, please feel free to share them in the comments.

Happy Content Creation:)


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