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Know some amazing features of Office 365

Wednesday November 09, 2016,

3 min Read

Office 365, a cloud version of office from Microsoft offers great features to do work more easily with a user friendly interface. Apart from business purposes it also offers some amazing features to individual tasks. As the name indicates, Office 365 stuns its user throughout the calendar with worthy features. Let’s check out some of those features below.

Chat with peers while working on a document

Just by clicking ‘Chat’ button you can begin chat with everyone on your team over Skype who all are working in the document. You can continue the conversation through Skype on your phone or PC even if you leave the document and can make necessary suggestions regarding edits of the document.

Edit the same document with multiple people at the same time

Office 365 offers you to edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel with multiple people at the same time and you can see the details like who is editing and what changes they are making to the document, instantly.

By this feature, you can say good bye to the emailing attachment burden.

Just link instead of attaching

Submit your file to Office 365’s cloud storage, which you want to share and charge the web Outlook App and link to the file instead of attaching.

Of course, all other cloud storage services are offering the service but here in Office 365 Outlook will grant editing access to the people you are e-mailing.

Switch notes into calendar

Just your daily tasks list in OneNote and turn it into a group of tasks with remainders and deadlines on your calendar.

You can automatically add meeting details to your notes such as date, topic, location, attendees and agenda. In addition, using the ‘Email Page’ you can email meeting notes to your team members.

Put your electronic sign using DocuSign

King of free electronic signature app, DocuSign is available for Outlook. DocuSign helps you to keep an electrical signature on document and helps to collect signatures from your fellow colleagues and friends.

Mouse icon acts as laser pointer

When you are giving a presentation make your mouse icon as laser pointer for the better understanding to the viewers.

Microsoft also launches this feature in the Office which supports iPad, though it doesn’t use a mouse, fake laser pointer will appear where you taps on the screen.

Inbox de-clutter’s itself

Microsoft offers MIT (Machine learning technology) to surface significant emails from a vast spam.The company recently launched its version called ‘Clutter’.

This feature automatically moves spam messages to "Clutter" for user to read it later or to delete it.

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