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Top 5 Magento 2 Migration Service Providers for 2020

Top 5 Magento 2 Migration Service Providers for 2020

Friday May 15, 2020,

7 min Read

Are you not happy with the limited features and functionalities of your online store? To keep the top position in the eCommerce industry, Magento is the best option. Magento officially announced that they would stop every support for Magento 1 from June 2020. This is a big challenge for online store owners to quickly familiar with the new environment. So, Migrating to Magento 2 is the first solution.


Table of Content:


  • Overview
  • Benefits of Magento 2
  • Need of Magento 2
  • Top 5 Magento Migration Service Providers
  • MageAnts
  • Rock Technolabs
  • Krish Technolabs
  • Brainvire
  • MageComp
  • Closing Words


Why Magento?

The robust nature of Magento makes it possible to communicate with thousands of online retailing products at the same time on the same server. Due to such activity, the immense strain is generated on that particular server. As a result, the speed of the server reduces. The experts will work, and the efficiency of the website is getting improved. Otherwise, the customer who is browsing the server will get puzzled as more time will get invest in reloading a single page.


The installation of Magento is effortless. The new layout and plug-ins make the theme more innovative. Open-source technology is now getting famous in the e-commerce platforms due to its high scalability and flexible methodology.


What are the benefits of Magento 2?


●    Magneto 2 Migration Service offers better scalability and performance. The page loading will now take a much lesser timer. It will indirectly boost SEO functionality and help to increase your conversion.

● The mobile-friendly option deserves special mention. The mobile users can efficiently operate Magneto2 in the device itself. No requirement of any other digital equipment. An online open-source platform like Magento only supports such an advantage.

● The transaction is supported by most of the popular digital payment options. Thus a user-friendly atmosphere is created. In many cases, the customer wishes to purchase but gets disappointed with the limited mobile wallet options. It will get achieved in Magento 2 by using coupon code extension.


Do you really need Magento 2 Migration?


From June 2020, Magento 1 will not be supported by the Magento franchise. Hence from onwards, technical issues will begin with the websites. The companies should immediately focus on migrating the data into an updated version called Magento 2. It will give benefit to the business from every point of view. The websites will now run with more speed, and the customer will not have to get puzzled, waiting for page reloading. Hence before the deadline, all business owners should look into the matter seriously. Otherwise, they may suffer a lot in the future. Experts may not agree to repair or work on the older version. They will instead insist on getting the installation as soon as possible. So, this is the right time to migrate your store in Magento 2.


Top Magento 2 Migration Service Providers:


The overall growth of the business is profoundly affected by the migration process. There are five companies mentioned below that are suitable to give optimum utilization of migration services according to the demand.


MageAnts: They have well experienced Magento team that enables services like migration, upgrade, and extensions.

  • Magento 2 Data Migration - In the Magento2 data migration process, the data is transferred to create more impact. Products, orders, product attributes, and many more are subjected to data transfer.

  • Magento 2 Upgrade – Here, the target is the optimization of the webpage to increase the scalability. As a result, the server takes much lesser time to load. Moreover, the customer feels to get comfort in reloading the page.

  • Magento 2 version update- Resource allocation increases due to the up-gradation. Hence the process runs more smoothly.

  • Magento Extension Migration- The third party companies have now started giving this service with Magento 2 for better performance. 


Redeveloping the code is the most challenging task here. With the redeveloping of the code, migration services give a better opportunity to the user. They also offer another kind of migration services like Woocommerce, Prestashop, and Shopify. These e-commerce stores require a high maintenance cost. Moreover, technical adjustments need a lot of expertise. With the help of Magento 2, these platforms can be subjected to better scalability and performance. During the entire process, many experts perform the mapping attributes operation, which is beneficial in the long run.


Rock Technolabs: With an experience almost seven years, Rock Technologies utilizes Bootstrap for developing the services of both Magento 1 and Magento 2. Also, the expert professionals work on Typo 3 web and WordPress development. 

Rock Technolabs

The extension migration will help to develop the code for functionality. Launched in the year 2010, the company gives the most promising services regarding e-commerce and web development. The Magneto certified developers are well trained to provide customization services. With a client volume from various countries like the USA, UK, and Switzerland, Rock Technolabs has been serving valuable customers globally. The professional team guarantees the transparent execution of the migration service. Within a short time of at least two months, the existing data is transferred along with customer information. Rock Technolabs is the official Magento partner. Extension Builder and Inside partner are the two major roles performed by the Magento team. Certified developers and solution specialists assure the extension building.


Krish Technolabs: Company is establishing in 2003 and has offices in the USA, UK, and India. This Company has gathered enough experience in the field of e-commerce. They have simplified the entire migration process.

Krish Technolabs

Krish Technolabs has gained enough reputation through the migration of small scale stores successfully. The Magneto technocrats have enough knowledge in various fields of specialization. The sole aim is a simplification of digital commerce for the customers in their e-commerce projects globally and nationally. They are known worldwide because of their best support. They always ready to help the companies to complete their business needs with the best software solution. 


Brainvire: This company gives the facility of a large number of services to undergo migration. BigCommerce, Shopify, OsCommerce, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and VirtueMart are some of the services that are subjected to migration into Magento 2.


The data will not be lost, and the performance will not be hampered. It is the best medium that provides a hassle-free migration service and within the proper time. The company is known for its best mobile application and use Node.JS, Python, PHP for mobile application development. 

The company has 16 yrs of experience and has its office in 11 countries. The company provides software solutions for different sectors.


MageComp: After completing a 10 years of experience, MageComp is the leading company for Magento devlopment and simple yet effective steps for migration.


Having strong and certified professionals. we have actively migrated 250+ stores to Magento 2 Migration consuming the good reputation we have better relationship within our clients and we approach you for giving for us an opportunity to migrate your store successfully.

Closing Words


The operation of the website is a time-dependent phenomenon. It slows down with time, thus affecting the performance. The entire business suffers due to such an error. The company slowly starts losing the position it had made one day in the global market. To avoid such a condition, one needs to perform Magent1 to Magento2 migration services as soon as possible. Magento 1 is running in the termination stage. It is high time to choose a service provider for performing the migration service safely and securely. These five services are the best available in the market that fits the demand from every point of view. Budget-friendly pricing, a well-scheduled timeline, and support of 24*7 make them the most desired choices.