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Five Most Secure Messaging Apps of 2019

Five Most Secure Messaging Apps of 2019

Thursday June 20, 2019,

6 min Read

Technology has been pivotal in shrinking borders and revolutionizing communication pathways. Whether it is broadcasting an announcement, sharing photos and videos, or getting work done, messaging apps have been nothing short of a boon. But the digital age boon has been gradually turning into a bane with the widespread prevalence of data leaks and information breach.

The serious threat posed by data breach deeply affects individuals and organizations and leaves them vulnerable to cases of extreme harassment and extortion.

According to a report by Statista, more than 600 cases of data breach were recorded that had put millions of user data at risk. Giants like WhatsApp are providing end to end encryption after the series of data mining events in 2018. But is the data really safe when the demand for ad monetization is at an all-time high.

Here’s a list of the best and most secure messaging apps that can be used as an alternative for WhatsApp:


Understanding the need for a safe and secure App for messaging, San Francisco based Morten Brogger created Wire. One of the most secure and highly encrypted messaging apps for personal and professional use, Wire is slowly but steadily gaining popularity among audience across the world.

One of the most amazing features of Wire is that it allows guests to message even without registering on the App. The platform provides a secure end to end encryption and also creates an encrypted guest room for non Wire users. People can join the guest room with just a link, skipping the need for downloads and registrations. The app has adopted GDPR complaint security policies and makes it impossible for hackers to mine data.

Security measures adopted by the app allows multi-device messaging and has also enabled public auditing of the security features. There is a new encryption key for every new message that you send. Wire messaging app is a 100% open source app to make messaging highly secure and safe for the users. The company totally takes measures to protect the data from prying eyes.


Microsoft picked up all that was missing in apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Slack, etc and created an amalgam of all those features in the form of Kaizala. By far, Kaizala is one of the most productive apps in the history of communication apps. The app helps you communicate with your friends, family, and colleagues while also enabling a secure file sharing among contacts. Kaizala is a phone number based app that supports an end to end encryption of all the chats, whether private or in groups.

This app is specially made for enterprises to enable safe communication among employees and partners including vendors, clients, etc for any organization. However, the best part of the platform is that you don’t need to shuffle between apps for different purposes. You can use the platform for chatting with your personal and professional contacts while also managing your office work like document sharing, making announcements, organizing team meetings, etc. Users can leverage the highly beneficial Kaizala Actions to carry out all professional activities on their phones.

Microsoft has proved its dedicated efforts in securing customer data time and again. The tech giant is very particular about following the trust and secure Office365 security framework and standards of data privacy and takes ultimate measures to prevent any kind of data breaching. The App follows FIPS - 140-2 compliance and HTTPS protocol and the enabling TLS 1.2 to stay a step ahead in granting total security of user data.

Kaizala App is available to use on Android and iOS across the globe and also promotes staying updated with hobbies and passion by creating global public groups for people of the same interest. In addition to it, users can also play games on kaizala along with their friends.


Wickr is another secure messaging and productivity app that takes ultimate measure to protect user data from hackers in hunt of private information. The app is available in three variations - Wickr Me, Wickr Enterprise, Wickr Pro. Wickr Me is free to use by anyone however, users need to pay for Wickr Pro and Wickr Enterprise.

Wickr claims to be a self-hosted platform that provides super-secure messaging services as it follows strict compliances. Users can also create their own security measures on the platform to stay away from any kind of data malware. Along with end-to-end encryption, user data is also secured through ephemerality and other GDPR security compliances.

Wickr for workspace comes in four paid packages. Enterprises can choose from the available options according to the organization size and requirement.


The Signal App is creating a stir among the messaging world through its secure and cool features. The app is free to use by people across the world and provides a highly secure platform to call, text, and share files. The app is loaded with multiple cool features to help you have an interesting experience on the App.

The app uses security measures that have been tested by various developers. Having successfully passed the test of time, the app is now gaining popularity among users who are looking for data security and safety on mobile platforms. The Signal messaging app is a product of Open Whisper Systems, one of the most creative and innovative company in recent times.

Users have full control over their chats and can also control the duration for which they need their messages to be shown. Once the time expires, the messages will be automatically deleted and will never be recovered back. The company follows additional security measures along with the end-to-end encryption security policy to make it one of the most secure messaging apps in 2019.


Though Riot.IM does not have as much fan following as WhatsApp and the likes, this app is totally under your control when it comes to security. Riot gives its user the liberation from texting with the fear of data breaching. You can share the most private and confidential messages to people across the globe without worrying about your safety violation and data mining. This app is giving tough competition to the competitors in terms of safety and security features and the users are totally loving it.

Riot.IM was developed to make “collaborations better”. The app provides high-end security features to its users and enables messaging, voice and video calling, conference calling, exchanging files, etc on the app. Riot uses the Matric standard to collaborate various productivity apps in one app without subjecting the user information to potential cyber threats. It gives you the comfort of managing all your clients and partners all at one place while also protecting your data in the best form possible.

You can control your setting and tweak it the way you want. The app is also an open source for security auditing so you know exactly how secure your texts are. Download the app and see how it works, you will totally love it in no time.

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