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5 Predictions by Chitransh Jain on Future of Social Media

5 Predictions by Chitransh Jain on Future of Social Media

Saturday March 21, 2020,

4 min Read

Chitransh Jain

The trend of social media is just increasing and engaging a lot of customers in many ways. More than promoting the product or a page what matters the most for engaging the audience is your active presence online.

Digital Marketing expert Chitransh Jain reveals that in his journey to the digital world, there were a lot of competitors who often tried to fail him with some of the great strategies. Of course, these were considered keeping the trends and demands of the audience in mind. Here are a few things he has shared for you that may help to boost your business in a much better and positive manner.

The trend of digitalization has increased to a great extent. Thanks to social media, people are looking forward to gaining better recognition and earn money out of it. Once there was a time when social media was said to be the chatting mode. But these days things have changed completely. Be it blogger, singer or even dancer, all are using social media platforms to avail of the complete benefits.

The rate at which social media is evolving is not a surprise. It might be quite exciting for you to think about what it will look like in the coming years. O course, this means the world which will slasher have a complete social media monitoring will keep up the demand of social media users as the brand would keep making adjustments to their strategies right after the trend comes into existence.

  • A blend of privacy and security

In the current scenario of social media, brands must look for ways and implements strategies that can grab the trust of the customer. This is the right approach on how to connect with the audiences.

The concerns of privacy are on the high stake of social media and which is why there are so many people who are becoming aware on how the data can be used, Since the future of social media will be upgraded, it is expected the more of users being part of it will increase too and will come across the dark social channels which is the online social interaction that happens privately. It is expected that 84% of consumers’ sharing from the sites occur through private and ark social channels

  • More video

There is no hidden secret to the fact that the consumption of video through social media is quite more. You must have seen how YouTube is trending and emerging concept. It has been noted that people prefer looking at the video 5 times more often as compared to that of the static content such as images and text be it on Instagram or Facebook. Surely live video concept has also increased the popularity in recent times.

  • Ephemeral Content Storytelling

Nearly 60% of users are active on Instagram and Snapchat too. It is quite an interesting social site because of ephemeral content storytelling. This is a new type of storytelling that has been appreciated by the users as well.

This type of content doesn’t last for more than 24 hours which is why it must have been helping many brands to come up with consistent content. This could be a future soon and that is why if you want to explore your business in this field, you might want to start creating efficient control to make our product travel around the world.

  • Premium services and fewer ads

Ads have been always more like a plague for social media for quite a long time now and then as well. But social media users have already started to get annoyed from it. Some so many people are looking forward to sacrificing the content just to ignore add. That is why many premium services are on the rise at social media because of the ad-free experience which offers the top-notch images, audio and videos too which is why it has become accustomed currently.

  • More interesting items

The concept of memes is quite funny and interesting. It has stated that social media has a record of 21% original fall down as the users were more communicating solely on the memes. That so why social media users are looking forward to expressing not by words but with memes which is quite an interesting funny meme or video to be shared.

Final Words

These are just some of the future aspects which in Social media are likely to pace up quite a lot at great extent. If you are keen to make the right choices then see to it that you choose the right social aspect or stay active on social media so that your loyal customers will be appreciating it often