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Top Five Startups Making Products for Kids

Top Five Startups Making Products for Kids

Wednesday February 19, 2020,

4 min Read

Mister Bumbles

Image Credit: Mister Bumbles

We as parents often think that handling our kids with good trending device screens like computers and laptops simply for entertainment purposes can help them divert their minds from us. But practically this is wrong. You are hampering their growth at the same moment; you are losing building a relationship with them.

But the good news is, there are many startups these days, which are looking forward to helping you build a strong relationship with your kids. No doubt that screen can be addicting but if you let your kid be a part of some activity-based learning and you can be a part of it then it is far better. Here are some of the startups that you need to have a look.

  • Mister Bumbles: Founded by Mr. Amrit Pal Singh, Mister Bumbles Interactive is a design and publishing firm focusing on storytelling and childlike wonder. They recently launched two card games to get kids and parents away from the screen (also catering to different social causes). Doggo Cards is a card game featuring real-life pets. Each box sold helps a dog shelter. Another game called Monarchs of India is a trump card style game featuring Indian kings and queens. Each box sold helps in the preservation of Indian monuments.

  • Magic Crate: Moving on to next is the Magic Crate by Viswanathan R and Karthik Lakshman. These two experts surely understand the value of giving kids the moment of childhood which they can later mesmerize. Their startup Magic Crate surely can show you some of the best examples of the same. This startup believes in providing the activities that give some knowledge to the kids and thus let them have more of the educating ways too.

The focus of the company is to help the parents and kids get more learning sessions and thus build a relation between the two. The professional team comes up with three to four fun-based activities depending on science, role play, and storybooks and arts. Kids on completion of every activity get some artifacts and toys to enjoy. The focus of the team is to enhance the skills of the kids such as critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving.

  • Flinto: For your kid to enjoy some fun yet interactive gaming can always be Flinto a great option to choose. This company was formed by Arunprasad Durairaj and Vijaybabu Gandhi that focuses on giving the kids to enjoy some activities that can help them explore and grow better. The company was started in the year 2013 and since then there is no looking back. The focus of the company is to offer different activities and themes for the kids which they can learn from and thus will not get bored too.

  • Hippocampus Learning Centres Bengaluru: Hippocampus Learning Centres popularly known by the name of HLC was founded in the year 2011. The company aims to let the preliminary schools in the Tier-IV towns accessible for the kids. This company was founded by Umesh Malhotra and currently, more than 300 primary school centers are now run with the team of capable teachers. This company surely has benefited more than 11,000 students so far and the number certainly is increasing. The focus of this startup is to manage, train and also recruit those capable teachers who can offer the right type of education to the students and charge the students at minimal price while meeting the industrial standards.

  • Worldoo.Com: For kids, we can say, is like a Facebook. It is an online ecosystem that includes all kinds of intriguing activities which kids can enjoy. Right from designing stuff, playing games until participating in fun activities, kids can indulge in different scintillating activities. There is a virtual home for the kids which will be taking care of the current activities. They also earn visual cash and can participate in events too.

There are so many startups that allow kids to engage in useful activities and make the right use of technology. Parents can also be a part of the same. Let us not just keep our kids engage in the screen that doesn’t contribute to any growth, rather, motivate them in participating in those activities that can enrich their lives.