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Five Steps of Social Media Application Development

Five Steps of Social Media Application Development

Tuesday May 07, 2019,

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The power of a social network is enormously growing. Researches show that over 96% of millennials are social network users, 80% of companies use social networks for marketing and so on. When coming from a business perspective, the importance of social networking app development is one of the promising markets.

Social Networking app development

Five Steps of Social Network and Media App Development

Below are essential points to consider for successful social media app:

1. Develop a Growth Strategy Based on Targeted Audience:

In this one need to study the plan and analyse requirements, come up with the sketch of target audience and establish the key performance indicators that are to be achieved. By defining all these factors helps to identify the unique niche before developing a social networking app development.

2.Workflow for the Social Networking App Design:

Social app design workflow depends on various factors like:

  1. Sketching: Get ready with basic outlines of future social media app development which helps to assess the logic of the whole project, count of screens and the connection among them which will be defined by  UX/UI designers.
  2. Wireframe: The sketch that UI/UX designers do plays a vital role in this stage. As it helps the development team to visualise the basic skeleton of social network and media app that gives the structural view of social media app and the experience.
  3. Prototyping: The next stage is the prototype work model which will be more helpful for both customer and the social media app developers to understand the app in a better way. Which helps to edit the idea and bring changes to it before starting the code.

Design Social Media App Skin: Here the wireframes will be converted in the social media app design. Even we look for helps to elaborate UI/UX to provide the best possible social media app solutions.

3.Development and Quality Assurance:

Once the workflow process was completed the life cycle of a social networking app development and design will go together. Here you need to set back-end servers, database, APIs and storage solutions. The app will meet all the technical needs, platforms standards. The Android and iOS app developers will suggest the client go with native social media app development to get better performance of the social media app. It is good to test the social networking app for error-free app at every stage.

4.Launch and Promote:

Once the App was ready team would get prepared to launch the app to the App Store with all the promotional marketing material that includes screens, videos and useful description of the app. Start marketing the social networking app when the beta version was launched.

5.Maintenance and Support:

Don’t be relaxed just by launching the app. We need to have support and maintenance from the social media app development company with all types of support and updates regularly to app.

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Final Thoughts:

Developing your social network app will be done by following the above five steps that will let you slowly and no-time transition from each phase.