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5 Things You Should Know Before Developing an App

5 Things You Should Know Before Developing an App

Saturday May 23, 2020,

3 min Read

The introduction of smartphones has brought a revolution in the IT industry among others. The percentage of traffic being redirected from mobile phones is greater as compared to other platforms.

The app stores are flooded with more than 2.5 million mobile-based applications and the numbers are increasing daily. This has led to an increase in the Mobile App Development Cost of various businesses.

However, 1% of startups developing mobile-based applications are successful. This is due to a lack of comprehensive market research, planning, and thorough brainstorming. 

You can also get an application developed via outsourcing by hiring the Best Mobile Application Development Company in Dubai.

Before starting the app development process, a few things must 

be practiced to get the best results. These are mentioned as follows:

Choose a specific niche 

The first important step is to stay focused to choose a single niche for your mobile application. If you fail to focus on a target niche and choose multiple options, then the application requirements and features will lack clarity. 

So, initially, you must stick to one target niche and conduct comprehensive research on your potential users, features to be added, platforms to focus on, and other such details.

Identify the latest Industry Trends

The next step is to perform detailed research of the latest industry trends and strategies being followed by the Top Mobile Application Development Companies in Dubai. You should study what your competitors are following and add features and functionalities which are better than the already existing apps in the play store.

You must be aware of what users require and offer them solutions to their problems and answers to their queries to grab their attention. The market research will also help you identify which type of applications are most downloaded by users and what are their areas of interest, etc.

Find an App Development Company

After you have finalized the niche and requirements for your mobile-based application, the next step is to search for a mobile application development company. Outsourcing helps you in getting the end product successfully with less development costs.

A large pool of highly skilled and professional Mobile App Developers are available in Dubai in addition to numerous outstanding Mobile Application Development. You can hire any of these according to the project size, available budget, and timeline.

Certain criteria and metrics to be  considered while hiring an outsourcing company for your app development are company profile, portfolio, success rate, endorsements, client feedback, etc. For more details about hiring a mobile application development service in UAE, click here.

Prepare a Timeline for your App

You must prepare a feasible and detailed agile timeline of the applications under development. This must be done by breaking it into different milestones and estimating the time and cost required to complete each milestone.

This activity will ensure that you are aware of the time required for your mobile application to become launch-ready.

Choose a Monetization Plan

Every business is focused on generating revenue. The purpose of several industries investing in mobile applications is to boost up their ROI by generating more leads and reaching out to more people. 

You must decide beforehand what monetization plan you will follow for your apps. It can be either by paid app downloads, in-app purchases or assets, in-app advertisements, etc. The monetization plan is chosen depending upon your target audience preferences.


The play stores of all mobile-based platforms are flooded with apps of different genres each day. To stand out among them, the above mentioned mobile app development requests must be adapted.