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Five Ways to Attract More Customers and Retain Them

Taking maximum feedback and help you in validation and improvement

Five Ways to Attract More Customers and Retain Them

Thursday July 18, 2019,

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Businesses attract customers through their unique selling proposition (USP). There has to be a distinguishing factor which places your startup ahead of all other businesses already operating in the same field. To fulfill your company’s vision, you need to back your business with a steady stream of new customers. The business model may seem to be the foremost characteristic but it’s always the approach towards customers that breathe life into your business plan. The art of attracting customers to your incoming business is not a one-day task but as wide as your idea of the business alone.

To start with, let us look through five fundamentals to build a hefty customer base

1. Seek validation, re-validation, post re-validation


In order to stay in the good books of your customers, you need to start collecting reviews from the people you know and the people they know (the cycle goes on). Ask about the omissions in the existing circle of your business. Work on them. Again, ask the same question to other people you interview; listen and validate. Talking to a wide circle of people would help you with different perspectives, ideas and views clubbed together. You may find people who are better researchers and could give you deeper insights while some could help you with the basics. Trust me, all of them are worthy!


2. Give air to feedback!


Feedbacks are important! While taking your ground-level pitch to people around you, make sure that each and every response is being recorded. Stay receptive to such feedback. At times you might find some statements/feedbacks that are way too mean, come up with a counter statement to that which is subtle. You’re not selling, You’re learning!


For example-

Customer- This is such a deplorable sight of products. Grow up and offer better!

Reply- We are consistently working to serve you better. We are extremely sorry to offer you a sight that seems unsatisfactory. Always all ears to what you think as we are growing each day.


3.  Blog and Rule the Roost


Write to spread the word around. People hate ads, so opt to tell your story through blogging. Blogs are capable of bringing in and driving traffic. Your words should be influential enough to fetch the readers back, an endless story that puts them to hunt the end. If you are able to roll them through, you are already ruling.


Just keep this in mind and doodle:

  • People hate ads
  • You’re telling an endless story
  • The more you blog, the more the traffic
  • Your shortcut to rule the roost


4.  Encircle your clientele/potential clientele


Wherever they land, they should find you. As Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon said,

“Obsessing over your customers is key.”

Be where your customers are. Nobody could provide a solution to their doubts and problems better than you. Make use of such platforms as Quora and Reddit where customers and potential customers are present. Answer their queries and seek opportunities where you could target more customers.


5. Hike the way you turn it into a unicorn


Better things come with time. I believe they come with innovation. If your business is capable of riding the curve, let your customers know how you make existing ones better through your personal touch. Drive them crazy by showing them the results they could get if they had a pinch of your personal touch. Customers love to have their hands held. Swirl them around!


Stick to these factors and remember that a 5% increase in customer retention can result in a 75% increase in customer value. Scale-up and Sail through!