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How AI Will Change The Future of Shopping

How AI Will Change The Future of Shopping

Wednesday November 27, 2019,

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Image Credit: Hello Diya

It can often seem hard to keep up with the rapid developments that we are seeing with modern technology. It seems that new technology is being invented on a daily basis—but AI has the promise to bring the next generation of revolution. Indeed, AI is a topic which can bring up a number of different opinions from different people, especially across the generational divide.

Irrelevant of your thoughts on the topic, though, it is almost undeniable that the implementation of AI will change the future of shopping and the ways in which we buy our favorite products—and getting yourself ready for this change is thusly helpful if you are to be prepared for the upcoming changes. The future is evolving before our very eyes; the question now has to be, are you ready for it?

How AI Is Used For Shopping

When you think about AI, you probably think about sci-fi robots and the like that can seem to emulate human nature and the like. However, AI doesn’t need to be this high tech, and this can make AI a far closer to home topic than you might realise. As part of this, AI could easily play a large role in the future development and evolution of our shopping experiences.

AI could potentially be used in a large number of different ways in our modern stores. In the case of online stores, we can already see the implementation of AI and the benefits that this technology can have for shoppers.

Companies such as HoneyApp and HelloDiya make use of their own editorial and AI algorithms. They use AI in order to categorise products and find the products that are most likely to be the type of product that you are looking for. Clearly, this use of AI is a great way for a person to make their online shopping experiences more expedient and effective; after all, who wants to spend hours upon hours searching through huge numbers of products when you could simply have the most suitable products for your own style or preferences presented to you immediately?

This new technology often goes for granted by modern shoppers, who are being presented with this kind of technology on an increasingly common basis by a large number of different companies. Comparison websites, in particular, are using this sort of AI technology increasingly frequently to categorise offers and products in order to find the best ones for you and your needs.

This use of AI can save you, as a shopper, a large amount of valuable time and money alike. Best of all, it can also help you to find the perfect product that you might otherwise not have found. What’s not to love, really?

How AI Will Change the Shopping Industry Further

AI is being implemented increasingly frequently in our modern shopping habits, but this new implementation is likely to only increase further. For people who are concerned about this change, though, there is no need to worry; the use of AI in shopping will instead be beneficial for you and your needs, as opposed to a hindrance.

In physical stores, there are a large number of different ways in which AI could potentially be implemented in the future. AI might allow a store to determine at which times they should be refilling shelves, for example, in order to prevent the shelves from running low on stocks of products; this will help you to get the products that you want when you go shopping! Additionally, AI could also help to make the entire process of shelf stacking more efficient through the use of “shelf-stacking bots”.

So, why aren’t we seeing these sorts of changes in our modern shopping experiences?

The Retail Industry is Slacking

AI could represent a huge change in regards to the ways in which we shop, but as of yet, changes are slow to be implemented. These sorts of changes take a huge amount of time to come into play, and it has to be noted that many industries are also wary of implementing AI; not only would AI be incredibly expensive to buy, but AI is also a very new technology that some people are unsure of.

As time goes on and AI technologies become more and more sophisticated, it is highly likely that we will see changes coming into play with the shopping and retail industries. Technology now plays a large role in the ways in which we shop and it seems logical that the new AI will represent the next step in regards to moving the industry forward.

So, are you ready for AI coming to your local stores? Because, regardless of whether you shop on the internet or in physical stores primarily, AI will likely be changing the ways in which you shop in the coming years.