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How Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment affects the HR Industry

How Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment affects the HR Industry

Wednesday July 10, 2019,

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We all know how important is the Human Resources Department to the stability of any organization and about its significant contributions. However, with changes in technology, the process associated with HR and Recruitment, in particular, has undergone a major change. With Data security and confidentiality, influencing a hiring process, in a big way, organizations are becoming more knowledgeable about how to use technology, to help in smooth HR Operations.

One of the important factors that have equally influenced Recruitment and in general, HR processes is the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, in Recruitment. Artificial Intelligence (AI), is dramatically transforming the human resources industry is exciting. However, how AI is made to sink with the recruitment process, is what matters more.

How AI can help with Recruitment

Recruitment can be by and large understood as the process which finding, securing and retaining, the right employees for the right job. Organizations, over the years, have faced different types of challenges in each of the above-mentioned activities, which form a part of recruitment. However, Artificial Intelligence might just be the answer to your queries. Businesses can now identify a diverse range of top candidates quickly and easily, to keep in pace with modern business trends.

Instances where, new positions are advertised by companies and thousands of applications, land in their inbox. It is a huge challenge for companies to respond to each application, though an aspiring job seeker may appreciate an acknowledgment. That’s where artificial intelligence could be an extremely viable alternative, which can eliminate bottlenecks, for recruiters. AI’s use cases within the recruitment industry are attractive and abundant.

The use of Chatbots in HR can improve the candidate experience immensely.

Chatbots have been quite a sensation, wherever they have been effectively used. The HR sector is no different. Where Chatbots have been a major boost for recruiters, is in improving the overall candidate experience, while reducing administration time and tasks for recruiters. Modern-day bots are providing quality real-time answers to both simple and complex (and even sarcastically posed) questions. As far as Recruitment is concerned, technology has equally advanced to the point where recruiters can feel comfortable and let bots take care of the administrative steering. Where Chatbots have been useful to HR is when they help in collecting candidate information, answer questions from candidates and schedule interviews too. This dramatically improves the candidate as well as recruiter experience.

How Machine learning gives Recruitment, a professional touch

The power of data is for all of us to see, irrespective of whichever business sector, we focus upon. When it comes to recruitment, data has allowed for a more smoother, accurate and flawless matching between job seekers and the positions, they’re most suitable for, based on skill factors and experience. AI and Machine Language will soon turn to be a potent combination which will take recruitment to its next level, and have a huge bearing in the HR Industry.

AI can give the HR Industry more options to guide people to handle a mixed workforce.

Most of the HR professionals haven’t seemed to have had the best of the exposure to the power of AI. With the most challenging responsibility of hiring future workforce, AI can be of huge support, to help them achieve their objectives, by communicating the value of new initiatives, to the workforce. AI can further help the HR Industry, by highlighting their critical roles and responsibly, in helping organizations, get future ready, including developing innovative ways of that can help employees, contribute efficiently, creatively and consistently, no matter whatever their roles are.

AI can ensure that the recruiter can become an equal opportunity employer

Talents are distributed. Unearthed talents can be found across society. To get the best from the rest, AI can be a major solution, which can make recruitment, an unbiased process. This can be done by, sourcing and screening candidates based on qualitative data points. AI can be programmed to neglect or omit sensitive, identity-based information that might otherwise open an employer up to potential bias or discrimination-related suit. Identity-based information includes things like race, color, and gender, country of origin, religion, disability, and age.

AI and Recruitment – What HR Industry would have always wished for

As the recruitment process becomes increasingly reliant on technology to drive higher efficiencies, the recruiters have access to a lot of sensitive candidate/employee data. The current practice of uploading and storing data on a cloud server makes it susceptible to hacking and data-tampering. However, the hiring process has seen a good boost, with Blockchain enhancing data security by breaking all data into tiny chunks and distributing it across an entire network of computers. The blockchain hiring process is seen to be of huge support in candidate credential verification.


The wave of Artificial Intelligence in the recruitment process is the future for the HR Industry. It’s now a reality that AI is here to stay and the reason is obvious. In addition to, vastly reducing recruiter administration work, AI improves the candidate experience and also eliminates any unconscious bias, we humans may otherwise hold, when making hiring decisions.