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How Can Toy Packaging Streamline Organizations Processes and Increase Sales?

How Can Toy Packaging Streamline Organizations Processes and Increase Sales?

Monday April 01, 2019,

4 min Read

Toy manufacturing is a huge industry, and it has always been there since we know it. Toys are not even meant for just one specific audience, and they are for everyone. From a child to an adult who loves collecting action figures, toys are there for everyone. Toy boxes differentiate between which toy is meant for whom and thus the difference is created. Without this specific difference, the consumer will be confused as to which toy is for him and which is not.

It is essential for both the packaging industry and for the toy manufacturer to understand fundamental points while designing and manufacturing the packaging for the toys. Whether the dolls are expensive and high-end merchandisers or copies, or some affordable toys targeting children, the difference must always be there in personalized toy boxes. Here are a few basic things to begin with:

The bigger, the better

Although this may not be very encouraging in other types of packaging children toy boxes what is visible is what is sold. The more visually attractive and large a box is, the more it appeals, the younger ones. There is no attraction for dull and boring things in their world and toys indeed teach the opposite so go for bolder and bigger boxes. They will also secure the toys which are a plus with toy storage boxes.

Although one must not get carried away with the size, it must also be proportional to the size of the box. Or use the size strategically, for example, a doll’s toy packaging design can be slim and tall, but making it the shape of a house can allow you a bigger box without looking bad, in fact, this might add to the attraction for the consumer.

Plain VS Vibrant

No one likes plain boxes for toys even toy boxes for boys that are supposed to be all manly and in masculine colors are supposed to be dynamic with designs, synchronized with the box design, display windows, shapes, laser cutting, etc. Although there is not much use of matte or gold foils, there is a lot of printing on the boxes.

If you look at the most famous toy brands and their merchandise in toy stores, you will see how they keep their toy boxes UK bold, big and vibrant and very obviously tell who these toys are meant for.

Costing of the toy packaging

Cost analyzing is an essential aspect of custom toy packaging as it is for other packaging and merchandises. Since toy packaging is all about visuals and printing, you can save up lots of the material and use the eco-friendly recyclable material. It suits the needs of the packaging in every way. You don’t want to spend a fortune on packaging because you need to make the cost of the toys within reach of children who are being taught the concept of saving up, keep prices low for toy packaging by using the best materials available in lightweight, excellent properties, and high rates.

The consumer is the main focus

In the toy business and toy packaging, the consumer is the main focus. As the packaging manufacturer, the packaging design depends entirely upon what is inside the box and who is it meant for. These two essential questions give you a direction to work on, toy packaging design that is for adults, such as boxes for action figures are less bulky and less in design than that of the children.

Things you must remember

-   Toys are for everyone; not every toy is for the children.

-   There are several types of toy packaging materials. There are also boxes, wrapping sheets, bags and other kind of things that are included in the packaging.

-   Toy wrapping and packaging too needs a lot of safety for the toys so they should be very sturdy.

-   Toy boxes should ideally not be too heavy, to make shipping cost-effective.