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How Important is Social Media for Modern-Day Businesses?

A professional social media agency is packed with experienced professionals who comes up with intelligent and creative strategies that bolsters brand presence online.

How Important is Social Media for Modern-Day Businesses?

Tuesday June 11, 2019,

4 min Read

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become mankind’s favourite playground. Social media is something that brings everyone from eight to eighties under the same genre.

It is not at all surprising to see top brands taking social media so seriously because that is where most of the people are. This is why social media marketing is one of the top services of agencies providing digital marketing consulting services.

Let’s check why social media has gained so much importance:

a)   Increase Brand Visibility

According to Hootsuite, more than 60% of online users have known about new products from Instagram. This is what social media does to you. An average youth has at least 3 social media application installed on phone. And the best part is that the craze for social media is not just confined to youths. People of all age and background can be found on social media. This makes it incredibly easy for a brand to increase visibility as they can reach out to a vast number with a single click.

b)   Continuous Impact

Social media provides the perfect platform for brands to keep in touch with their audience. No matter how good your brochure looks, no one is going to read it every day. On the other hand, there are social media platforms where you can continuously come up with new posts to stay in the mind of your fans and followers. Studies suggest that brands with the most active social media handles have the maximum number of fans and followers.

c)   Go Viral

Social media is such a platform that it can take a ‘nobody’ in the doorsteps of fame via a simple wink, that too overnight. Imagine how going viral can boost brands popularity. When you have a certain number of followers, engagements will start pouring in as people will start commenting and sharing your piece of content. This way your content spreads across the web. And reach out to people who have zero knowledge about your business. This is the magic of social media. The probability of a piece of content going viral is even for every brand. Instead of fame and name, it depends on creativity and connectivity.

d)   Build your Reputation

Social media is a platform where people can freely talk about anything or everything. It is quite possible that your consumers are talking about you. You should acknowledge the negatives and promise prompt action. This improves your brand image as people understand that you take your customers very seriously. On the other hand, never compromise on kind words and mentions when it comes to positive feedback. 

e)   Cost-effective

Things are so easy nowadays; you can reach out to people looking for your services in a single click. This is one of the biggest advantages of social media. You know about your target audience and you can directly reach out only to them. This makes matter convenient and pocket-friendly.

f)   Monitor Performance

Social media insights provide you with a brand’s report card. By analysing views, clicks, and engagements, you can easily understand how your brand is performing online. Now compare it with a traditional newspaper ad. Not only it costs more but also it is very hard to measure marketing success.

Social media is the biggest thing now and also the next big thing. With the advent of AI and machine learning, social media platforms are all poised to undergo a remarkable transformation. Trends suggest staggering figures in favour of social media in the upcoming years. Brands will continue spending big on social media platforms. And there would be an increase in the demand for social media professional and digital marketing consulting services dealing in social media marketing.