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How Instagram Can Be a Powerful Tool for Entertainers

While Instagram is great, and there are plenty of Instagram musicians killing it, it's not for everyone. You shouldn't just be promoting music on Instagram just because other people are doing it.

How Instagram Can Be a Powerful Tool for Entertainers

Wednesday July 24, 2019,

3 min Read

Whether you are a comedian, musician, acrobat or any other entertainer, Instagram is one of the best tools that can help you get ahead in your career. To get the most out of this popular social media platform, you should start by creating an account and building a huge audience with thousands or Instagram followers. It’s up to you to either go with increasing your following the organic way or to buy Instagram likes to attract visitors to your posts, so getting an almost instant boost, or to fuse these ways both – plan it and have a try on each of these to get the best result on it. Once you accomplish that, here is how Instagram can start benefiting you:

1. You No Longer Have to Deal with Commission-Greedy Agencies

Many entertainers work with agents whose main job is to link them with clients for gigs in exchange for a percentage of the revenue. As a struggling entertainer who has not made a breakthrough, dealing with some of these agents can be a pain in the neck. They will try to overexploit you, knowing that you are not in a strong bargaining position because your brand is still not known well enough to attract clients without their help. Some will even demand a 50% cut from every gig that they help come your way.

But if you have a huge Instagram following and get to a point where everything you post will receive an overwhelming amount of Instagram likes, you no longer need to tolerate the commission-greedy agents. At this point, you can promote your brand online effectively and attract the attention of high-quality clients, pocketing all the money you make from their gigs.

2. You Can Earn More Promoting Brands

Many brands nowadays market and advertise themselves through what we call 'celebrity branding', which entails celebrities using their fame to help promote a product or service. The most important factor that these brands pay attention to in selecting a celebrity to promote them is the amount of Instagram following. If you have an overwhelming amount of Instagram followers who give you too many Instagram likes whenever you post something, brands will start reaching out to you to help promote their products and services, improving your bottom line significantly

3. You Can Establish a Personal Relationship with Your Fans

In the entertainment industry, nothing is more crucial to your growth than having a personal relationship with your fans. People will love you more if they can actually engage with you on a personal level. The fact that they can comment on your post or send you a message and receive your feedback or reply makes them feel like you are an actual friend who is an important part of their lives. That compels them to remain your true fans forever, allowing you to retain them perpetually.

Final Thoughts

For an entertainer who wants to become highly successful in their field, Instagram is a powerful social media platform that can go a long way towards that end. Whether you are a musician, comedian, or any other type of entertainer, you can benefit from this popular social media platform significantly. But before then, you will need to build a huge number of Instagram followers who will be your key asset. If you already have and receive overwhelming numbers of Instagram likes, it is time to take your usage of this social media platform to another level to draw maximum benefits out of it.