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How is M-Commerce Beneficial for Modern Business

With the increased needs of the m-commerce industry, every businessman wants to have an online business app to sell their range of products and services using mobile phones

How is M-Commerce Beneficial for Modern Business

Wednesday July 10, 2019,

7 min Read

With the increased needs of the m-commerce industry, every businessman wants to have an online business app to sell their range of products and services using mobile phones. Delivering a comprehensive range of benefits it offers lots of benefits both to the sellers and buyers.

Mobile Commerce also known as m-commerce is a process which implies mobile shopping. That is purchase is done with the use of wireless or handheld devices such as smartphones or tablets. Just like e-commerce, mobile commerce enables users to access online shopping platforms without using any desktop computer. 

Getting into popularly for many reasons it is recently in few years has come into trends. With the increasing use and benefits, the cost of making apps has dropped down to very low prices. Resulting in today thousands of apps and mobile services are available in the market at free of cost. Shopping with a smartphone is a real thing today giving an abundance of benefits to both retailers and customers. 

What Made M-commerce So Popular?

Here is a list of things that made m-commerce popularly trending - 

Push Notifications

Push notifications help you in targeting potential customers or users for conducting precise actions. Without opening the app it helps in notifying with the recently uploaded products and services. Since mobiles are something you carry everywhere it allows you to take immediate actions without waiting to go back to your systems. Thus its prompt use of technology helps you unfolds many growth opportunities. 

Real-time Location Tracking

Use of mobile phones allows you to track and locate any person, product, or service you wish or is linked with. Improving the issues you were facing in business with increased benefits and conversion rates. 

24/7 Available

One of the most important benefits mobile phones provide is that without restricting you to any limited period of time you can access and use it anytime you want. It helps you increase your work actions and productivity without waiting for any particular time or thing to conduct your actions. 

Offers and Discounts 

Apart from notifications using mobile phones without wasting any time you can quickly send messages to your customer informing them about the new offers and discounts. You can also send friendly reminders to your old customers about the new arrivals adding special benefits and offers.


Benefits of M-commerce for Business

Running a mobile app for conducting a specific business is completely different from running a random app on your phone. Business apps are specially designed to conduct services that engage more and more customers. Therefore you have to be precise with your actions and services before delivering any such app for customers. Be accurate with your business app as it will be represented as the face of your company and products. 

If everything constructed right, there are lots of benefits awaiting for the businessmen to increase the brand of their products. 

Here are some of the benefits of m-commerce proving how hugely it is beneficial for modern business - 

Better Customer Experience

In today's life, people are very well aware of the use of mobile phones. Moreover, they always try to make the most of it whenever and wherever possible. Use of m-commerce brings them an advantage to make online purchases without needing to go to markets or finding systems or desktops. 

Use of m-commerce allows them to purchase anything they want and get it delivered at their home. As there are lots of companies out benefiting people with these services what more advantage people expect is a fast connection. The app should be easy to use and handle with a simple and attractive user interface.

As people are familiar with the screens and its working they know how to navigate its services using the few clicks. Use of m-commerce makes your payment option easy. Once you’ve saved your account details it will no longer in the future bother you to input it again. Thus within few clicks without worrying about the cash and payment customers can easily make a purchase. Using the m-commerce app it becomes very easy for customers to redeem coupons and apply offers. 

Direct Customer Connection

Use of m-commerce helps the business to directly get connect with customers. On app customers receive several alerts, offers, and reminder messages. Most of the time without even opening the app you get constant notifications telling about the services. These creative messages poke customers to know more about offers which finally instigates them to make the purchase. 

This whole process involves no other mediator in between. It directly connects with customers to know about their feed backs and reviews after the purchasing process is complete. It helps business owners understand the customer’s point of views and demands. Business owners after knowing customer’s point of view can further make updates to launch their services in a better way. Thus m-commerce apps help the business make a direct connection with customers.

Fast Purchase                                                                                                                               

Direct customer connection leads to a fast and frequent purchase. Once the customer gets comfortable and becomes app-friendly it takes relatively less time for them to involve in the next purchases. As m-commerce apps provide the user the same functionalities as desktop apps it becomes much easier and quicker to directly use it with mobile apps. Intuitive mobile browsing drives business sales up giving customers positive experiences.  


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Attracts New Customers 

Online shopping just like marketing too runs by branding. The only difference it makes is their way of marketing. Online business runs by driving more traffic to the business site and that comes from high search engines. 

M-commerce allows you to easily distribute the page links to users. Following a link, people can easily reach to your desired pages. 


Based on your customers you can easily set preferences on your mobile app. Tracking the user’s behavior the app can relatively recommends customers offers and products. You can also customize the app’s content based on the customer’s area of choice and interest. Using the user's location and social media activities you can introduce your products in a whole new way. Use of m-commerce app provides better customers engagements. 

Cost Reduction

Using the mobile apps business owners can save a large sum of money from spending on marketing. They're also easy to maintain and secure as compared to websites. 

Comparing with websites and other sources mobile apps are more friendly and beneficial than other sources. Thus m-commerce advantages you increasing the overall business and productivity of your company. 

Using the app users can easily find and navigate your store's location to personally visit it. Also, the function of Geo location helps you providing information with your purchased products. It provides you the benefit to track the services for your easy convenience. 

Use of mobile apps also helps you track your employees, resulting to see more discipline in work from employees. From a business point of view, it further benefits you with increased customer visits while including more fun experiences for customers. 


Use of mobile apps and m-commerce made shopping easier for customers. Inventing various features and benefits today more and more people prefers to enjoy online carting than going out for shopping physically. Saving both time and money with just a one-click button today you can make purchases from all over the globe. 

Today more than half of the generation is mobile-driven which results in more conversion rates. If you’re running a business make sure you design a mobile app for your services. With no doubt, it will end up giving you more benefits with the increased name and productivity of your company. 

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