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How Job Portal App Development is Reviving the Recruitment Industry

Job Portal App Development

How Job Portal App Development is Reviving the Recruitment Industry

Monday January 21, 2019,

3 min Read

Job Search App Development

With technological advancements, every business is looking for a solution to adapt themselves with current technologies to survive. While these changes are to in order gain a competitive edge, sometimes it is a necessity to adapt with these evolving technologies. In recent years, mobile has become the new radical player in the market. Businesses are going mobile, embracing that edge, to stay ahead in the competition. They are looking for best mobile app development companies to turn their business mobile, or even hiring developers to do the same inhouse.

85% of Adults all over the world use phones, and 67% of those use smartphones. With so many cell phone users, it is guaranteed that most of them also use their cell phones to look out for job opportunities. Many recruiters are also aware how difficult finding talents can be? In order to find innovative ways to recruit talents, many of them are turning to state-of-the-art technologies to develop recruitment app in their hunt to find the best talent in the industry. As it is smarter and easier way to find the candidate where they are already available. Hiring app developers to develop a mobile app for your recruitment process can give you that required edge and help you meet your need.

Every business should get the worth of their investment. Recruitment is a long and tedious process with lots of paper work involved, but with having a hiring solution that makes your process seamless and adds value to your company is what you are looking for. Below is the list of benefits how job portal application has.

  • Push Alerts: Job portal apps sends out push alerts through email, text, or notification to seek their attention on the jobs available in the organization. It makes them visit their profile regularly until they find the desired job.
  • Routine Updates: One can get updated with the new job postings and closed opportunities, this updated will help them grab the opportunity quickly before it’s closed out.
  • Value-added services: By incorporating value-added services you can help the candidate locate better opportunities using services like, resume writing, personality development, etc. These services will not only create value for the job seekers but also can increase your ROI.
  • Convenience: Mobile apps that are user friendly and easy to use can be used by people having basic knowledge on using smart phones. Thus, increasing the number of app users.  Apps with difficult architecture is always installed from the user’s mobile and can increase customer churn.
  • Confidentiality: With mobile application, candidates are not worried about their personal document or information leak. It is a safe, secure and confidential platform to store your educational documents and data.
  • Extensive Search: Using a mobile application candidate can search for job opportunities across the globe, thus creating an extensive network for candidates as well as employers to showcase their requirement to a larger audience.

Now as you have understood the benefits of a Job portal mobile application, you can get one tailor made for your organization with ParamInfo.  We are a mobile app development company that helps you transform your recruitment with our agile, seamless, and innovative job portal solution. We develop job portals mobile application that delivers innovative features for job seeker and employers and thus adds more value to your business by generating more revenue. Our app developers understand your needs and helps you take your business globally and manage entire aspect of recruitment industry with ease.