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How market research tool helps you-Listen to your customers.

How market research tool helps you-Listen to your customers.

Monday April 08, 2019,

4 min Read

These days you can buy everything online. From shoes to clothes and even your housemaid can be available online. But there are some things that people do not prefer buying online. Some things that need to be tested out before buying. Like cars, no one would ever buy a car online smart people usually do a lot of research before buying it. Because you invest a lot of money into it.

Why are we discussing this here? What has this got to do with your market research?

Before you start any business or do any business activity you need to validate your ideas. You do that by carrying out a proper survey of the information available out there.

Survey companies work tirelessly towards bringing out the right kind of information needed to do your market research. But they fail to bring out authentic information and that too from the right kind of people to you.

From a recent study, we found that survey takers participation is on a decline, and now traditional market research companies have to find people from different industries. And as there are fewer people these companies will take drastic measures to get the results they need.

Now in the online era, you take find many websites providing you with market research surveys. Most of the information they provide is almost spam my or provide fake accounts. You just don’t know.

Howkya is an online platform that lets you do market research online, they avoid these types of people. All the consumers here are verified LinkedIn users and how good is that? You have all of the information and also the expertise that they have. You can ask questions only to people who are of that particular category. And why will they respond? They provide special credits to people who respond earlier and also give extra credits for detailed feedback provided by them.

How this tool helps you?

•    Quality- Research:

The survey takers or the respondents in the market research exercise are an integral part of assuring the quality of your research. If you are conducting research through the online market research platform then you can gain access to your target respondents and that too from people who are verified. Furthermore, an online platform is useful as it gives you the control to select and manage all the good quality responds.

•    Cost-Effective:

The cost of conducting research online is not an expensive affair as the traditional method as it offers fewer respondents. The online method is comparatively low as compared to the other methods.

•    Reliable data for decision making:

An online market research company encourages you to conduct your research regularly as your business changes. Have regular research at each stage to conduct proper decisions for your business. It helps you make better decisions at every point of the decision.

•    Turn-around Time:

You can monitor and analyze the results of your survey within a short span of time or as you need to. The results will be provided to you within hours of posting the questionnaire and conclusions can be drawn quickly based on them.

•    Ability to reach hard-to-reach Respondents: 

As you can find all the LinkedIn users in them, you can not only connect to customers but also professionals or experts in different fields. The online platform makes it easier to reach all of these target audiences.

•    Incredible ROI:

From the low cost and high value, reliable results that the online platform provides. This combination makes it the go-to method for all investors. Good results, good data, good decisions and that makes up to a good strategy for your business.

To sum it all there are great benefits of using the online market research tool for your business. As it is a continuous process you will keep on using it at every stage of your business for decision making. Online market research platform provides you with different professionals and experts. You can easily ask questions to them and can get instant answers to all your questions.

Evaluation of consumer feedback is a never-ending process and businesses have to handle an efficient tool at their disposal to ensure consumers are satisfied with the product and the service they experience. Howkya is one such tool, which can easily serve hot data-driven insights to businesses for better decision making.