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How Much Does It Cost To Hire React Native Developer?

By Aglowid IT Solutions|17th Apr 2019
When it is a startup or small enterprises looking for cross-platform mobile application, React Native framework comes into play. The framework is not only effective and fast, but it also provides cost-effective development solutions!
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React Native was developed during the hackathon project of Facebook by their team of developers. Later it turned out to be one of the most popular frameworks for mobile app development available today. Easy-to-use UI, speed and efficiency are some of the top reasons what has made it one of the top mobile app development frameworks to choose from.

Today React Native is considered as the most powerful framework based on JavaScript used for cross-platform app development. By using this open source framework, you can have effective mobile apps build for both Android and iOS platforms. The scalability, convenience and cross-browser compatibility that it brings on the table makes it the perfect choice for building extensible applications and dynamic user interfaces. Finding a React Native developer for your mobile app development project may not be an easy task today. When it comes to focusing on cost-effectiveness, you need to be sure you take some time and do some homework before reaching a decision.

What boosts the demand for React Native and its developers?

React Native focuses on satisfying a single purpose – i.e., to build mobile apps. By using React Native for mobile app development, it will become possible to accelerate the development through code reuse. The best thing is that you can do this across different platforms.

Again, the UI building blocks that you will find in React Native are the same ones that you will find in case of native Android and iOS apps. Here, the only major difference you will find is that the developers make use of React and JavaScript to assemble the components.

The use of React Native has increased drastically across the globe for cross-platform mobile app development and this is because of several reasons as explained below:

  • React Native apps are quite fast in terms of capabilities.
  • It offers a better user experience while being easy to navigate.
  • Compared to native apps, the apps build using React Native for Android and iOS makes use of fewer resources.
  • React Native offers automated code updates which helps the developers to release new app features quickly.
  • Again the general developers can go ahead and create a mobile application on React Native with less or no support from the experts.

When it comes to React Native developers, the main reason behind their increased demand is the scarcity to find one. There are very less number of React Native developers out there in the market who can be hired for the mobile app development project. As per the 2018 Developer Skills Report of HackerRank, 33% of companies are looking for React skills while only 19% of developers have an idea about the technology.

Experience and expertise again make things worse. The number of React Native developers with the right amount of expertise is quite less in the market. Even if you happen to find one, you may not be sure to find one easily which fits into your budget.

Factors that affect the cost of hiring React Native developer

The factors that affect the cost of hiring a React Native developer for your project greatly depends on the type of the project you are planning to get developed as well as the interactive features and functionalities you want to get included in it. Yet, there are other things too which you need to consider when you are trying to figure out the cost of your React Native developer. They are:


A React Native developer with less experience can be very much available in the market and their services will be available at lower costs. As the experience of the developer increases, he or she would have gained the expertise in what they do. Such a developer would have worked on different development tools and would have gained enough experience in the job. Such a developer will charge more for their services.

Location of developer:

The location of the developer also matters and plays a crucial role in deciding the cost of hiring. You need to know the React Native developer hourly rate in order to choose the right cost-effective solution for your business. The developer from countries like US charge _ per hour while the developers from countries like India charge on _ per hour. This clearly means when you go for React Native developers in India, you will be able to save good on your project.

Complexity of project:

What you expect from your React Native app project will decide the deliverables, project phases and the amount of time needed to complete it. Generally, mobile app development can take about a week to six month time for completion. A simple app will come at a lower budget and will get completed within a shorter timeline. While, the complex one with many features and updates will take a long time to complete and will come at a higher budget.

Engagement model:

Engagement model plays a key role in deciding the budget of your React Native mobile app development project. Clients have different requirements and so finding the engagement model is very important. The React Native development company which offers flexible model will turn out to be cost-effective and best in the interest of the clients.

Tips for saving your bucks with React Native mobile app development

It is true that you can save enough money when you choose to React Native for mobile app development. Some of the ways in which it does are mentioned here:

React Native brings down the app development time –

With React Native it becomes possible to completely move a part or entire codebase between different mobile app platforms. This means a mobile app developed for Android can be easily compiled to the iOS platform in a short amount of time and vice versa. Now how much you want to share between the two platforms depends on the number of modules you want to be repeated on another platform. With React Native you can enjoy 33% faster app development for Android and iOS platforms.

So, less development effort means less development costs!

You can easily maintain React Native apps -

When it comes to maintaining the native apps with older versions of OS, things can get tiring. On the other hand with React Native, app maintenance is an easy thing and so it remains cost-effective.

React Native offers reusable components –

React Native made use of reusable native elements in the form of blocks to develop mobile apps. Such components can be compiled to native applications directly. React Native has counterparts for each and every component present in iOS and Android.

The look and feel of the app can be adjusted by the developers based on the platform. Developers can make use of the component-specific structure that comes with React Native in order to develop web-based applications with agile methodology.

React Native shows better compatibility with other devices –

When it comes to developing a native application, the developer has to keep in mind that it easily goes in with all the generations of the mobile device. Now, this can seem to be a costly affair in terms of development.

Contrary, when you choose to React Native, you will be able to have applications build which works easily across different devices and platforms. This means the app will work on maximum number of devices thereby saving enough amount of development time.

You can easily integrate the built-in elements of the device in the app –

Sometimes it becomes important to include the hardware capabilities into the mobile app. With most of the cross-platform app development, this is not possible, but when you plan to go with React Native, you don’t have to think much about it. With React Native you can have some of the major in-built elements of the device in your app.

Freelancer V/s mobile app development company: What to choose?

When it comes to choosing React Native developer skills, there is always a question regarding whether to choose a freelancer or go for a React Native development company. The choice can be made based on the project requirements, budget, complexity, timeline, etc.

If you have a simple project in hand with flexible completion deadline and have less budget, then you can go for freelancing. Such a developer may not be much experienced. Here you can get the project developed at cheaper rates, but the quality is always a question.

If your project is complex and you need to complete it within a said time frame, you should go for a React Native development company. Such a development team will have the required skills and talent to take care of your project needs. They will ensure to complete the project on time without compromising on the quality.

Comparing quality V/s rates

What do you want quality or cheaper services? A React Native developer with less experience and expertise may develop you a mobile app at lesser costs. However, in that case you cannot guarantee the quality of the services. Such a developer may not have worked on different app development projects and may not have worked on different technology tools. This may be evident in the projects they handle.

When you go for a development company with a strong development team, you will for sure be able to enjoy quality services for your mobile app development project. Here the services will be more expensive than the former option and but it will be delivered on time as per your project expectancy.

Things to look out when outsourcing your project to best React Native developer.

Common Skills and experience in Technology Tools:-

Market experience:

Right React Native partner will bring the right expertise to the table and if you have one who is experienced with market needs and customer requirements, it is a bonus.

Platform expertise:

In order to deliver high-quality mobile experience it is important that the developer has relevant platform expertise. He or she should have an idea about how to handle Android and iOS platforms. They should have knowledge of different development tools too.

Quick turnaround:

Business goals change quickly and so when it comes to mobile app development, it should be ready to support the changing plans with rapid and agile development. 

Strategic focus:

Having a clear road-map is very important for any project success and so you need to find app development partners who are serious about what they do. It would be best if you found a partner who focuses on planning, developing, testing and implementation properly.

Collaborative culture:

Having a collaborative environment between the business and the development team will bring in fruitful results. You need to find a development team which can offer you results by their creativity and client experience together. 

User-centric design:

User interface plays a key role in the success of a mobile app and so you should be focused on building a mobile application which has a user-friendly and intuitive design.

Technical knowledge:

Knowledge of CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript, Sencha or PhoneGap as well as other technologies is important for the React Native development company you choose. This will ensure that they will be able to build custom mobile apps as per the business needs. 

Wrapping it up

React Native is a new technology which is booming in the cross-platform mobile app development space. If you wish to turn your business ready for the future then choosing React Native for cross-platform app development can be wise. When it comes to the cost of hiring React Native developer, it can depend on several factors. The tricky part is to hire a developer or developers who can offer you quality services at reasonable rates.