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How Much Does it Cost to Develop App like Stubhub, BookMyShow

How Much Does it Cost to Develop App like Stubhub, BookMyShow

Wednesday October 10, 2018,

5 min Read

Everything online is famous these days, as developing something on online is always developed with one single aim- To ease out the clients work. Same is the case with online ticket booking. It allows you to look for shows, get detail and book tickets online itself. It also allows you to select you seat yourself. So now that you can book the tickets online itself you don’t have to go to the cinema hours before to get the tickets. Just search for movie, select and Book it.

So if you are planning to develop an online ticket booking application then it is not a surprising thing, as it one of the successful business to do so and few of the key examples are Stubhub, Book My Show etc. So let me take this opportunity and guide you to cost of development of a Ticket Booking Application.

To Develop an online ticket booking application takes lots of efforts and experience, my first advice is to hire a dedicate app developer to develop your application.

Key Features of Movie/Event ticketing application:

1.    Offer variety of services like concerts, plays and live events online booking services

2.    Easy filter option

3.    Easy registration and booking

4.    Trusted Review Rating

5.    E-ticket

6.    Multi-payment mode

7.    Show Listing

8.    Show Detail

9.    Book Show

10.  Booking Screen

11.  Rating & Reviews

12.  Real-time Booking

13.  Redeem Loyalty points

14.  Booking Confirmation

15.  M-Ticket

There are lots of factors that differentiate the price. Factors like

1)   Platform

There are majorly two platforms iOS and Android. Both are known for their features, and have a different amount of cost involved. Developing an app on Android is a bit cheaper compare to iOS. Depending upon your budget you can choose on to which platform to go. People often for developing for both the platform as of to cover wide range of audience.

2)   Features

As stated earlier there are lots of key and basic features to add on to your application. Developing cost of the application goes higher and higher as you keep on adding the features. For a low budget it is advisable to provide only key features, in order to beat the big apps you just not need to provide all the good features but also some unique and new one.

3)   Design

Design of application doesn’t mean just its look and appearance. It also refers to a good quality and mainly user-friendly. However your app would look like and how many good features it would have, none of them would look good if your application is not easy to use. Your focus should be to develop it user-friendly and engaging.

4)   Size of the application

As you go on with adding more and more features and tools, the size of the app increasing and so as cost of the application. Be good at selecting the features as not all features provided by the big companies would be important, so choose wisely.

5)   Developer

Not all developer would give a same price tag, big and reputed companies are obviously gonna charge higher rates for their services. My advice is to go over quality driven firm. Although they might charge bit higher but to sustain in market for a long time you need to choose quality over price.

And there must be an Admin side as well for Business Owners where they can update the details.Key Features of Movie/Event ticketing application Admin/Owner Module:

1.    Login

2.    Dashboard

3.    Manage Users

4.    Manage Shows

5.    Manage Venues

6.    Booking Manager

7.    Manage Earnings

8.    Manage Profile

9.    Manage Content

10.  Push Notifications

11.  Scan Ticket

To develop an application with all these key features it would cost you $9000+, depending upon various other factors and features.

There are many big app like BookMyShow, Stubhub etc who are already ruling this market, with millions of user. To beat them you not need to be equal to them, but you have to be better and an appealing one which turns people to use your application. To develop a competitive application you need to have some strong features and a strong budget to back-up the idea.

To develop a quality application you need a team of developer who can built you app at right price and quality. A quality team comprises of Team manager, Developer, Back-end-Developer. UI/UX Designer, Graphic designer and QA tester.


Developing an application is not a difficult task, but to develop a successful and quality app is complex and difficult job. To develop an application like online ticket booking you need an experience and quality develop to compete with already established apps. But to Develop such an app there is a good amount of money involved, so need to have different from other application strategy to make it worth your money. You also need to have a good revenue earning strategy to make handsome amount of money out of it.

I hope I was successful in providing you in some insights of how much money you might need in your pocket to develop an movie/event ticket booking application and to be unique in your offerings to succeed.