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How SMS Marketing can power up in 2019?

We live in a generation where a kid of 13 years old does a perfect musically and are well equipped with the technology.

How SMS Marketing can power up in 2019?

Wednesday January 23, 2019,

6 min Read

There is no doubt we are living in the age of digital, where everything we need is right next to our fingertip or a click away. We cannot underestimate the power of digital Marketing also we cannot deny the growth of SMS Marketing. You can say digital marketing and SMS marketing walk proportional to one another and its combination can get explosive.

We live in a generation where a kid of 13 years old does a perfect musically and are well equipped with the technology. They are more acquainted with the latest technology and knowledge of the offers going on the nearer store which ultimately bug their parents to avail such offers. So SMS proves to be the best way to reach your target audience and for promotional purposes.

As I reflect back on our progress in SMS Marketing over 10 years of service. I am very proud to say we have had the privilege to help customers flourish their business using our Bulk SMS service and I am even more optimistic of the opportunity ahead. One promising opportunity that’s always been overlooked is SMS Marketing. As there is a saying “With great opportunity comes great responsibility” therefore we take every responsibility to ensure we satisfy each requirement. To enable our clients earn more revenue we expand our Bulk SMS service into SMS Re-seller Solution where one can start their own SMS business with our re-seller package where we provide full technical support with best setup, infrastructure and highly trained professionals.

Integrate SMS with Links

 SMS is so flexible that you can literally integrate your website or any social links along with the message. It has become feasible and more approachable with the feature it offers which bridge the gap between the sender and the receiver by the convenient and personalization it has.

The use of social media is increasing and the highest number of likes and followers is certain on limelight, one cannot ignore the fact that SMS can boost their visibility with the enormous reach of audience it can have.

One can have a social media account but no one would recognize unless you don’t highlight your online presence. Many times people don’t even bother to check you especially when your business and handle name is different, in order to keep such people in loop and engaging you can integrate SMS with your link.


Wondering what to Integrate?

1)   Asking for online feedback/ review- SMS is limited to 160 char. and due to its limitation sometimes one cannot express their review well but an SMS along with online review link will be more convenient. Feedback helps you identity your performance and client satisfaction.

2)   Asking for Rating- Online ratings and reviews benefit your business SEO friendly. It boosts your social SEO and provide search engine with fresh and relevant content.

3)   Run online contest- With the help of SMS you can remind and encourage readers to take part on the on-going contest to boost your visibility.

4)   Link social media accounts- With the help of SMS you can link your social media accounts for likes/followers purposes and moreover your reader can stay up-to-date with you.

SMS in Regional Language

India being a diverse country of different languages with 22 officially recognized. Effective communication is the key. We all know language is a powerful tool for expressing one’s thought and ideas and what could’ve been done better when receiving SMS in your own language? Yes! SMS now been breaking the language barrier and ever since there has been a major turnover due to the proximity it offer to the readers. You can customize and send SMS on preferred regional language using Unicode SMS.

SMS is the database-driven marketing channel where it focuses on maintaining one’s privacy. You can only send to those who opt-in to receive communications. Here we don’t spam nor have to undergo spam filtration unlike emails. Once a customer opts in, you can send them promotional discounts, offers, news alert, feedback to strengthen up your relationship with them.

Why you cannot underestimate SMS Marketing in 2018?

Here I have point down few reasons on why you cannot underestimate SMS Marketing :-

No Internet connection- SMS does not require internet connection and can operate even on low network coverage whereas other messaging service required internet to deliver.

Lower Cost- It is cost effective in comparison to other form of marketing. When you opt for traditional marketing it is more costly with the anonymous audience reach.

Personalization- Besides a face to face communication, there is no other mode of communication which is more personalized than SMS. And to extend your customer a personalize service extension there is no better means than SMS.

High Open Rate- 90% of the messages are being open once delivered. The reason is obvious because one cannot keep calm once the phone beeps. It is read within few minutes after it’s received.

Quickness- It is the quickest mode of communication with virtual zero time lead.

Delivery Report- SMS provide you with a real time delivery report. You can check the status of your SMS whether it is delivered or not.

Short - SMS remain short as it is limited to only 160 char per credit. You cannot exceed more than 160 char, any information you want to send out should be short and straight on point unlike emails where one send a paragraphs.

Only few marketing channel come up with such feature which offers quick, personal and reliable feature. With the advancement in technology there has been many customization on SMS which opens up a door for marketing opportunities.


Lastly, Instead of following a traditional way of marketing to sustain your business and to help you stay ahead of your competitor, I want to shift your strategy. SMS Marketing is the seamless text marketing till one uses a mobile though different messaging app would possibly diminish however SMS in no possible way will ever lose that feature.

Nevertheless nothing is guarantee here and everything is unconventional but to remain saturated in the industry is to keep experimenting and think out of the box.

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