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How to Create the Perfect Sales Funnel

How to Create the Perfect Sales Funnel

Wednesday October 10, 2018,

4 min Read

Sales funnels are the perfect way to ensure your customers are getting from the point of awareness to the point of sale as quickly and efficiently as possible. It can feel daunting, but there are dozens of different ways to establish a pipeline for your company.

No matter what type of industry you’re in or what end result you’re hoping to achieve with your customers, EquiiText offers an affordable method for funneling leads

  1. Create your campaign message. This message can be as simple as thanking your contacts for opting in to receive texts from your business, or it can be a promotion for an upcoming special, information about your brand, or whatever you can think of!
  2. If your goal is to generate traffic to your website, make sure you use the URL shortener so customers can reach your landing page and perform an action on your site.
  3. If your goal is to funnel a customer through a series of messages to receive a discount, coupon, or otherwise, it is necessary to create a series of auto-responders that will be triggered by keywords.
  4. Set timed follow-up messages to remind customers to take action on your website or at your business location.
  5. Create timed follow-up messages that similarly let new opt-ins see your campaign message, so they can also interact with the sales funnel.

Here is an example of an effective EquiiText sales funnel:

Campaign Message

  1. “Thank you for opting in to receive texts from Fauna's Floral! To show my appreciation, please accept a complimentary bouquet! Pick your favorite here :) laqi.co/HK948LO” Or,
  2. “Thank you for opting in to receive texts from Fauna’s Floral! To show my appreciation, please accept a complimentary bouquet! Text ROSE, LILAC, or LILY :)”

Automatic Responders

1. ROSE: “To receive your complimentary rose bouquet, simply text the promo code ROSES4ME, and you'll receive your coupon!”


“This text is your coupon for a free rose bouquet from Fauna’s Flora! Simply show this message when you visit us and walk out smelling like a basket of roses!


"To receive your complimentary lilac bouquet, simply text the promo code LILAC4ME, and you'll receive your coupon!"


"Here is your coupon for a free lilac bouquet from Fauna's Flora! Simply show this message when you visit, and I'll show you how much 'lilac' you!"

First Sequential Responder

"Limit one bouquet per customer. SMS coupons may be redeemed no more than 14 days after they are received. May only choose ROSE or LILAC, not both. Thank you!"

Timed Follow Up

"Good morning! This is Fauna from Fauna's Floral. Just wanted to remind you to redeem your coupon for a free bouquet! I can't wait to see you soon!"

In the first example, you can see how Fauna gives her customers the opportunity to purchase a free bouquet directly from her website, which will allow her to track clicks on the Cloud Platform and incite further actions from her customers online.

In the second example, it's clear that an effective use of the EquiiText Platform is to establish two-way engagement between Fauna's Floral and its clientele. This style of funneling goes beyond paid advertising and remarketing ads – by using text messaging, Fauna is letting her customers funnel themselves through a device they use every single day, and it's costing her next to nothing to do so. She sets up an identical opt-in message for new customers, but now they text Fauna and tell her what they want. She can even customize her responses so they're cute, funny, and personable like herself! A sequential responder follows whichever automatic responder the customer triggers to let the customer know about each coupon's terms and conditions. A timed follow-up message further alerts the customer to use his or her coupon before the time runs out. Fauna can set up as many timed follow ups as she needs to get customers to redeem their coupons: once per day, once every three days, once per week – whatever works best for her!

These are only two variants of a single example showing how the EquiiText Cloud Platform allows businesses to funnel customers through a sales pipeline. SMS sales funnels are simple to set up and much more affordable than any other sales tool currently

Spend less and make more with EquiiText SMS!        

Interested in learning more? Sign up for a free account today and let us show you how to create your custom funnel on the EquiiText Cloud Platform today! What's stopping you from texting your customers?