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How to find Best Selling Products on Amazon India?

How to find Best Selling Products on Amazon India?

Tuesday August 06, 2019,

4 min Read

There are many best-selling products currently listed on Amazon India. However, selecting a product that sells well & provides you with great profits is easier said than done. It can be a challenge for the new sellers who've started selling on Amazon India to finalize their ideal selling product, because there are so many items to explore and markets to tap into. There are various ways to find the best selling products on Amazon India and some of them will be discussed in detail in the following paragraphs.

1. Select a Profitable Product Niche: The first step of selling a trending product on Amazon India is to find and select the product category you want to sell in. For that, you have to determine the profitability of a product for you. There are various benchmarks like popularity, categories, user reviews, and competition which determine product profitability. Try to identify a category whose products meet most of the above criteria. For example, simple and durable goods or items of everyday use pertaining to any category, which would reduce the risk of damage & can sell the whole year, should be the top priorities for an Amazon India seller looking for best-selling products.

2. Follow Competitor Sales Trends: You can find best-selling products on Amazon India by following your competitor’s sales trends and focusing on their top-selling products. You can use Barrel13 Product Research Tool to analyse all the sales-related info of your competitor’s products trending on Amazon India in your category. Check out how to find your ideal best-selling product by following just a few easy steps.

3. Figure out the Product Costing: You will never be able to make profits on your Amazon India listing if you have not paid attention to the product costing. Always consider 3 things while looking for products to sell - Shipping cost, Wholesale pricing and Amazon Seller Fees. In addition, try considering the following points while purchasing products:

a) The product cost should be around 20-40% of your potential selling price.

b) The product weight should ideally be less than 1 Kg including packaging.

c) The product should be durable to reduce the risk of loss from damage.

d) Better quality than competitor products.

4. Find Products with Less Competition When you are in the process of selecting a best-selling product to sell on Amazon India, you need to check who your competition is & find products where the competition is relatively less. Try finding products which:

a) Are not sold by any big brands or sellers

b) Contain leading product keywords having not more than 10,000 searches per month.

c) Have 50 or less reviews.

5. Focus on User reviews One of the best ways to finalize the products that will sell is by analysing online user reviews. Check the products in your potential selling category which users are appreciating & are very happy with or the products which disappointed them. Another benefit of user reviews is that once you properly analyse the comments and feedback on your competitor's product on Amazon India, you'll know the exact need of a user & then can create & modify your own product in a better way, which will enable you to surpass your competition.

Finding products to sell on Amazon India is easy, but finding something which gives you the expected amount of returns over a period of time require serious research, dedication and following the above points. If you are also an Amazon seller who is searching for an ideal selling product, then the aforementioned points are some of the most effective ways to help you guide in the right direction.