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How to get RCMC Registration with Less than Rs 10000?

The competent government authority is responsible for the issuance of RCMC registration.

How to get RCMC Registration with Less than Rs 10000?

Monday January 07, 2019,

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RCMC Registration
RCMC Registration

All those companies registered with IEC or those applied for import and export license needs to obtain RCMC registration. Besides this, they can also avail concession or benefits under the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP). But companies or businesses that are exempted under the Import-Export Policy don't need to register themselves with RCMC. The competent government authority is responsible for the issuance of RCMC registration.

RCMC stands for Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate, and the certificate is valid for 5 Years from the date of the license granted. Unless specified, the validity of the RCMC certificate stands from 1st April of the licensing year (Year of the issue) to the next 5 Years ending 31st March of the licensing year.

Mainly, in this blog, we are going to discuss how you can obtain registration cum membership certificate with Enterslice at an affordable price. Let's find out the process-

Which are the Competent Government Authorities for RCMC?

RCMC registration can be obtained by the following:

  • By an exporter from the Federation of Indian Exporters Organizations (FIEO) or a relevant Export Promotion Council (EPC).
  • By a status holder from Federation of Indian Exporters Organizations (FIEO).
  • By exporters of forest produce and value-added products from Shellac and Forest Products Export Promotion Council (SHEFEXIL).
  • By software exporters from Electronic and Computer Software EPC (ESC).

How to obtain RCMC registration in India?

For RCMC registration, the applicant first needs to file an application with the concerned EPC (Export Promotional Council) using the form ANF 2C. The exporter can register under two categories: Merchant exporter and manufacturing exporter.

If you prefer manufacturing exporter, then you have to submit a piece of evidence regarding the same.

Furthermore, the following factors may result beneficial to you in regard to RCMC registration:

  • If you're applying for RCMC, then being an exporter you need to declare your main line of business. Additionally, obtain the RCMC from the EPC, based on the business line. For example, in the case, if you are dealing in coconut, then you will fall under Coconut Development Board.
  • If you don't fall under any EPC, then you may apply at Federation of Indian Exporters Organization (FIEO).
  • Furthermore, if you are a multi-product exporter, not registered with any EPC, then you have an option to obtain RCMC from FIEO.
  • If multi-product exporters have their head office or registered office in North-Eastern states, RCMC may be obtained from Shellac and Forest Products Export Promotional Council (except for the product looked after by Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), Spices Board, and Tea board).
  • In the case, you're an exporter of handicrafts and handloom products from the State of Jammu & Kashmir, Director, Handicrafts; Government of Jammu & Kashmir is authorized to issue Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC).

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