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How to hire the best app developers?

How to hire the best app developers?

Monday February 18, 2019,

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Smartphones are an inherent part of our daily lives, and as a result, app development is booming. According to data from Statista the worldwide app market is expected to rise to $311,249 by 2023 (from $108,440 in 2016). However, converting a brilliant app idea into a profitable and successful one is not easy! The key to successful app development lies in bridging the gap between an excellent app idea and its execution but finding the perfect development partner is not as easy as you think. In this article, we provide tips on how to search and find the right app developer or team.

1.Where to outsource app development

Some countries, such as the US, UK, Ukraine and India have a good reputation for top-quality app development, so it’s best to narrow down the options to developers from these countries. As the headquarters of leading global IT companies, North America accounts for over half of the supply of information technology services worldwide. Europe is known for its superior programmers. India is the top destination for outsourcing. Ukrainian app developers have built a reputation for their high quality of work. Additionally, with their hourly rates ranging from $25 to $50, developers from the latter two countries are far more affordable than those from the US, UK, Western Europe and Australia.

2.How to find app developers

A well-designed app needs a combination of development, design and coding. When hiring, the choices lie between freelancers or an app development company. For freelancers, the best websites to find qualified and experienced developers, include Upwork, Guru and People Per Hour, whereas, for designers, online communities such as Behance and Dribble are excellent sources. Similarly, GitHub has the best pool of coders.

3.How to shortlist candidates

With a large number of options on these portals and networks, it’s easy to get carried away and hire the most responsive or the cheapest freelancers, but we recommend making a list and comparing the pros and cons of the candidates before finalizing the decision to hire. One of the significant decisions to be made at this stage will be whether to hire a freelancer or an app development company.

The pros of hiring a company are that it provides access to a team of developers, designers and coders, in addition to project managements services. If cost is a factor, then hiring a freelancer may seem the better option, but it comes with the risk of working with an unknown person located thousands of miles away and often, in a different time zone. It’s best to use this as the last alternative, especially if you don’t have prior experience in remotely managing tech teams.

4.How to evaluate the list of candidates

Among the factors to consider while assessing the candidates’ profiles and determining their suitability for your app development project are:


App developers with experience in the field will be more than happy to share their portfolio, including details of apps they have built for iOS and Android. Be sure to check whether the apps are listed on the App Store and Google Play and verify if the quality of the design and build meets your requirements.

In the case of an app development company, check out their website. A well-designed, informative and regularly updated website is a sign of a company that cares about the quality of development and is a reassuring sign that the build will be in good hands.

Build quality

Leading app developers ensure that they follow a set of standards, combining techniques, tools and processes that guarantee stable architecture, consistent app performance, reusable code and superior user experience. We recommend evaluating the quality of the apps of each candidate to get a better idea of their expertise. In case you don’t have the technical skills to review the quality standards, it’s advisable to get this done by a technical person whom you know and trust.


There’s no better way to evaluate the expertise, responsiveness and reliability of a developer than by getting feedback from their previous clients. Don’t hesitate to request references from the candidates to get a more realistic idea of their reputation as most companies and freelancers only display positive reviews on their profiles.


When working with a freelancer or a team located across the globe, communication plays a significant role in the success of a project. The process of communication should be transparent and systematic with the use of online reporting tools. The initial contact or meetings with the candidate should serve as an indication of the frequency, clarity and efficiency of communication to ensure that you get daily updates, status reports and demos whenever an iteration concludes.

5.How to decide which app developer to hire

After comparing the various aspects mentioned in the previous point, you need to assess which of the freelancers or app development companies has the edge over the others. Remember to give weightage to factors that are most important to you, whether it’s cost, design or creativity.  

Finally, it’s advisable to hire a developer or company that is focused not only on building the app but also in understanding the business requirements, so they can guide you through the process after considering and incorporating your ideas and suggestions.