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How To Improve ROI From Facebook Ads

How To Improve ROI From Facebook Ads

Tuesday June 18, 2019,

3 min Read

Facebook Ads

Want to know some ways where you can double or maybe triple the ROI from Facebook ads? Well, it's as simple where you have to follow some advanced tools and hacks. As a top Facebook marketing agency in India, it's damn necessary to use these hacks. If you're not using them then its high time to scrutinize them for a business with bountiful sales. So some of the expert tips here are as follows

1) Show The Ads To The Correct Audience:

The major purpose of marketing your business online is to generate sales however if you are not achieving that then there is a big fault in your targeting criteria. If you are showing ads to those people who don't give a damn about your products and services then they won't click it regardless of how good they are. So right behavioral, interest and demographic targeting must be used with the pixel code to reach genuine people.

2) Use Of Mobile Friendly Landing Pages:

Being a Facebook marketing and advertising agency in India its necessary to ensure that landing pages made optimized according to mobile version. If the landing pages are not mobile friendly then you'll definitely find people leaving your page at 5x times. Non-intuitive design of the page will leave the people frustrated and they'll quickly run away. The appealing mobile friendly page will play a key role in attracting your customers for your valuable business ROI.

3) Effective Use Of Retargeting:

If you are not using retargeting you won't get your ROI on your business. Retargeting helps to reach those people who frequently visited or shown interest in your products or services. Retargeting is a very essential tool for marketers, it plays a key role in boosting the effectiveness of your efforts. According to surveys retargeting ads are likely to be clicked 76% or more.

4) Pixel Code Tracking:

It's very necessary to implement pixel code tracking to ensure you that your track your sales or signups in your websites. If you are not using this then you are unnecessarily wasting money from your cards because the ads are running without any purpose. It's through pixel code only you can track the progress of the campaigns.

5) Optimize Ads From Conversion Funnel:

It is the most important part of conversion funnel if you are running ads for product sales then definitely look at product sales and cost per sale. If you are looking at email sign-ups then look at the number of registrations and cost per registration. These matrices play a key role in understanding your conversion analysis.

6) Optimize Ads At The Right Time:

Many people tend to stop or pause the campaigns if they don't deliver results after 24 hrs. Many businesses start with 5$ or 10$ and then later switch off the ads if they don't deliver results. As a rule of thumb make sure that ads have reached to at least more than 1500 people before making any changes and if you target by age and gender make sure each segment reaches more than 1500 people.