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How to Make Fulltime Career in Blogging: Scope & Income

How to Make Fulltime Career in Blogging: Scope & Income

Thursday July 18, 2019,

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When we hear the word blogging, what first comes in our mind is the art of creating writing. But blogging is not just about creative writing, you can actually make money through it. People who don’t like a 9-5 job, do not have a business mindset but are creative heads and want to do something on their own: blogging is a good option for them.

Blogging is not only writing; it is a business in itself which involves an in-depth understanding of a domain and topic, digital marketing, and sales. In technical terms, blogging is referred to as content marketing. In fact, content is called ‘King of Digital Marketing’, it is the foundation for successful online marketing.  

Blogging has become quite popular these days. Being a creative and money-making career option, people across the world give it a shot. But many of newbies have the question in their head that how to make a career in blogging, what is the scope and how much income you can get through it.

Many bloggers are earning great money, it is one of the best online career choices. While some people take it as a hobby or part-time career option, there are many others who earn their full-time income from it. If you also wish to make this as a career and want to make money from blogging, below tips will definitely help you to be a successful blogger.

Here are the 5 steps to start blogging and make a successful career in it:

  • Decide Niche: The online space getting full of bloggers, writing anything to everything, you need to find your niche. You cannot write on the same topics on which other bloggers are already writing. Who will read similar content again? If you want people to read your blogs, either the information should be completely exclusive and authentic or the domain should be one of a kind.

  • Promote your blogs: Good writing skills will impress the readers and will make them hooked to your blog but only well people know that you are present. You need to get noticed and let people know about your write-ups/blogs.

advertise about your blogs, attend and participate in events, network with influencers and bloggers so that they can promote and recommend your blogs to their followers. Even if your writing about weirdest of things, till the time you are getting noticed, your doing it right.  

  • Write Regularly: If you want traffic on your blogs write regularly and write interesting content to hook the readers. Give them interesting material to read daily. If you post in intervals, readers might lose the interest and can even start following other bloggers meanwhile.

You can also do guest blogging or collaborate with publication/media houses which will not only improve your writing skills but will publicize your blog but will also help you network and make new contacts.

So, be regular on your blogging platform and write on others as well for promotions and networking.

  • Be Creative: Blogging is not just about words; your blogs should be presentable and appealing visually as well. The layout should be creative, the blog post should look interactive with high-quality text and visual content. You must offer something extra to your readers.

Make your posts more customized, you can learn photography, painting, sketching, cartooning and so on to add amazing pictures of your own in your blog post instead of using common images already present on the internet. Get skilled in graphic design, video creation, and even coding to give a big boost and gain more user interaction on your blogs.

  • Bring Variation: Yes, it is important to find a niche, but with time it can get monotonous and you can also run out of new topics to write on. If, your only source of income is through blogging then investing in one particular domain can be a bad decision.

Smartness is that you expand your niches and writing fields to ensure financial stability in case of any unseen and unfortunate issue.


If you want to spark your flair of writing, blogging will turn out to be an amazing option for you. A good blog can usually start paying a handsome amount of income within 4-5 months.