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How to Manage Airbnb Business While Traveling

How to Manage Airbnb Business While Traveling

Thursday November 29, 2018,

3 min Read

Make money remotely by becoming an Airbnb host. Managing an Airbnb business while traveling has never been easier. With attention to detail, refined preparation, intentional guest onboarding, and impeccable customer service your Airbnb will run itself. Here’s your guide to providing the ultimate guest experience without even having to meet the guest.

Hire an On-Site Team

Creating an Airbnb dream team may be the best tip for managing your Airbnb business while traveling. You don’t need full-time employees, rather a set of go-to service providers for a variety of duties including:

  • Cleaning
  • 24/7 Maintenance Vendor
  • Check-in/Key Handoff
  • An Emergency Contact

Though you should be the liaison between your guests and the service providers, it doesn’t hurt to put your list of dream team contacts in the guest welcome booklet. In the event you become unreachable, you’ve provided a plan B.

Create a Welcome Booklet

A guest welcome booklet is quintessential to managing your Airbnb while traveling. It serves as a hospitable welcoming letter, an introduction to the home, and even a little bit about the area (i.e local restaurants and entertainment). Things to include in your Airbnb guest onboarding are

  • A personalized welcome. Reprint this sheet for each new guest to include their names and a personalized letter regarding the reason for their stay-- “enjoy the wedding” “have an amazing vacation”.
  • Security and safety features
  • House rules
  • Anything quirky about the space (automated locks/ how to work an old appliance/ secret storage space)

Mention it in Your Airbnb Listing

For some Airbnb guests, having an onsite host is a convenience they’d want. Avoid any miscommunication or a poor Airbnb rating by mentioning your remote operation strategy on your Airbnb listing. Assure them that even though you’re not there, they will be well taken care of and you’ll maintain fast communication via phone call, email, or text.

Update House Rules Regularly

Whatever can go wrong, will. So, depending on the situation, see if there is an opportunity to create a rule from preventing it from happening again. It’s all about anticipation!

Airbnb house rules are the perfect solution to set the stage to a complaint-free experience. Keep the rules simple and their descriptions brief. For example:

  • No Visitors Allowed Past 11 pm
  • Avoid Excessive Noise Past 9 pm
  • Avoid Eating in Bedrooms
  • Treat Home as Your Own
  • No Smoking
  • Recycle Bin Available Under Kitchen Sink
  • Specify Parking
  • Pool/Jacuzzi/BBQ Instructions
  • Mention Anything or Anywhere in the Airbnb that’s Off Limits

Even if it seems picky, your guests will appreciate the structure and it leaves less room for error.

Have a Lightning Fast Response Rate

You may be traveling, but you still have a business to run. Provide your guests with a 5-star Airbnb experience by responding to their texts, calls, or emails as fast as you can. And since you won’t be there...even faster!

In the world of Airbnb, every season is vacation season. So, enjoy yours while providing the best Airbnb stay for someone else’s.