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All you need to know about Copyright Registration in India

Copyright is not only securing the artist’s work as his/her own intellectual property but is also controlling who makes the money from the decided piece.

All you need to know about Copyright Registration in India

Tuesday May 28, 2019,

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Copyright is a privileged right given to every individual, company or business of any kind, today by the law creators of India. Copyright is a form of protection grounded in the Indian Constitution that is granted by law to fixate any artists work in a tangible medium of experience.

Why Copyright is important?

Copyright is not only securing the artist’s work as his/her own intellectual property but is also controlling who makes the money from the decided piece. Since there is no dearth of potential scams in India, it is critically important to control/restrict any possibilities of duplicity. Around a strong fragment of society is engaged in unethical activities that involve branching any artists work/modulating it for their own illegal benefits. The piracy law in the cyber world is definitely imposed but still, there are loopholes in its implementation which is usually a consequence of evolving hack techniques.

What is an attainted Copyright Protect?

The intellectual property law protects original works of authorship which includes novels, poetry, any of form of literary scripts, other dramatic works like music, architectural and software creations. However, it should be noted that copyright does not protect facts, systems, ideas, and methods of any significant operations or functions, but only protects the way the above are expressed.

Your story, building plan, software, or music needs to be fully fleshed out/ developed and exist in a visible sense of execution in order to get be considered for substantial copyright. This is the compelling reason why nearly every artist belonging to any industry is advised to execute their ideas/ build or pen them down in order to get noticed for copyright protection.

Is registration required to gain copyright?

Registration is more of a voluntary ritual before applying for copyright protection law implementation. Your work is copyrighted from the moment it is executed, which does not necessitate your registration. If you are an author, then it becomes all the more important for your work to be recorded in the eyes of the public record. In the majority of cases, it is seen that within 5 years of any publication being copyrighted, the obligation of registration is being fulfilled.

Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration Procedure:

· Application duly filled according to the particulars and statements mentioned in Form IV. The completed form has to be sent to the registrar along with the registration fees. In case you have various subdivisions in your work, then the application of works will be sent separately. Please note that copyright does not authorize any Governmental benefits, it is just a record of the fact in the eyes of law.

·  Please make sure that every application is duly signed by you and your attorney.

· The registrar then issues a mandatory Diary No. After the issuing of the number, there is a waiting time of 30 days. Within this tenure, in case there are any objections, the registrar will issue them back to you.

· In case there are no objections found, then the scrutinizer will check the application for any discrepancy. If there are no discrepancies found, then the registration will be done and an extract will be sent to the registrar. This will be the final step as the application will be submitted for an entry in the Register of Copyright.

·  It should be noted that in case there are objections found in the application, then the examiner will send a copy of hearing to both the parties stating the objections. In this hearing, you are required to clear the objections raised, so as there are no hurdles in final clearance.

· In the hearing, if all the objections are clarified, then the examiner will scrutinize the final application, approve and reject as the case may be.

· The whole process nearly takes around 1-3 months. Within this time, if everything follows the natural registration process with no issues raised, then you will receive the copyright registration number within two months.

Final Words:

 A copyright registration often motivates the artist to add more works to his portfolio while enjoying public importance. After receiving a certain set of copyrights, you will be able to extract monetary benefits solely from your own work, which will be for an infinite time.