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How to Save Money on Postpaid Bill Rentals

A postpaid connection, has many benefits that the users are generally unaware of. Unlike prepaid, postpaid services always offer you data and calls and the charges depend on your plan and usage.

How to Save Money on Postpaid Bill Rentals

Thursday April 25, 2019,

3 min Read

Never run out of balance, with a postpaid service! 

With the market getting more competitive, many telecom companies have come up with postpaid bill payment offers that make it even more enticing than prepaid connections. Here is a just a glimpse into a few such offers:


Postpaid plans for Airtel start at INR 399, which is the basic plan. Airtel is offering a discount of INR 50 on this plan. On all other plans that are priced higher than the basic plan, the mobile bill payment offers a discount is of INR 100. This is a monthly discount and is valid for 6 months. 

Postpaid Bill Payment Offers

You can even add your family members into the family infinity plan and save 20% in addition to the above-mentioned discounts. Another exciting aspect of the postpaid plan is that the unused data from one day automatically gets rolled over to the next day and you don't end up losing that data, unlike prepaid schemes where you lose the unused data. 

In addition to these postpaid bill payment offers, users also get Amazon Prime subscription.  

Reliance Jio

Mobile Bill Payment Offers

The telco that revolutionized the market and introduced the cheapest prepaid offers is also maintaining that reputation with its postpaid offers. The INR 199 plan by Jio gives users 25 GB of data for the billing cycle along with unlimited call and 100 SMS every day. However, this is the only postpaid rental plan offered by Jio.  

Vodafone RED  

Postpaid Bill Payment Offers

Vodafone RED postpaid is offering exciting discounts, your bills can be slit into half if you pay through a Citibank credit card. 

Apply for a Citibank credit card now will definitely be beneficial for to avail postpaid bill payment offers

The mobile bill payment offer works like in the following way. 

  • Get the Vodafone RED postpaid connection and apply for a Citibank card at the same time.
  • When you pay your postpaid bills using this credit card, you will get an INR 200 discount per month that adds up to savings of INR 2400 for a whole year.

It comes with the added benefit of a free Amazon Prime subscription. Not only can you watch movies and shows on Amazon Prime using this, but also you will be eligible for free fast deliveries. 

Postpaid Offers

Of all the mobile bill payment offers provided by different Telco's, the ones provided by Vodafone India & Airtel get you maximum savings. Choose Vodafone RED postpaid plan or Airtel infinity plans and start reaping their benefits today!