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How to Start Your Own Video Streaming Service for the Education Sector?

How to Start Your Own Video Streaming Service for the Education Sector?

Friday July 12, 2019,

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video streaming for education

Education. The growth engine that powers the future is all set for an upheaval. Until now, across the globe, students and teachers have been relying on printed textbooks and stationery to grow their minds.

All that is about to change. In fact, there is a video wave that is surging across the educational domain. Schools, universities and training centers has already started live and on-demand streaming classes and tuition sessions.

Beyond the classroom benefits of a live video streaming website for education

Websites like Lynda, Coursera, Khan Academy, Udemy all have aced the teaching through video model. Here are some of the benefits that a similar can bring to the student and teacher community:

  • Video content is highly engaging and commands more attention span than written content
  • Live streaming creates a direct connect between students and tutors
  • An educational streaming solution can reach to a global scale of students compared to traditional classroom setup
  • One-to-one and limited participant classroom sessions can be easily setup
  • Paywall integrated live streams can help monetize classroom sessions
  • Educators can monetize their teaching capabilities with better flexibility

How can education put an educational video streaming platform to good use

The power of live streaming in education can be best experienced in the following forms:

  • Classroom streaming
  • Graduation ceremony streaming
  • One-on-one tutoring
  • On demand exam preparation

Classroom Streaming

Teachers can stream their lessons from classroom to a live stream participant group who are not in the classroom. Students can access the live stream by clicking on 

the stream link shared by the teacher. Interactive elements like likes, emoticons, comments, etc. help establish communication that improves the efficiency of learning.

Graduation Ceremony Streaming

The most important day in the life of a student can be live streamed to anyone they wish to share it with. The live stream can be watched by anyone who are unable to attend the event, yet want an in-the-moment experience of the event. The live video playback can later be downloaded or archived for further use.

One-on-one Tutoring

Professional courses need personalized training and undivided attention. Moreover, some professional course students may also be working with corporates making it difficult for them to travel to class venues. Live streaming takes away the pain in that by live streaming one-on-one training sessions.

On-demand Exam Preparation

Have an exam date that is fast approaching? Scrambling to complete portions still in want of an expert help? Luckily there are plenty of e-learning video streaming websites that provide live streaming of classes by expert tutors. Students can pay for these classes through paywall integrated video players and gain instant access to on demand exam training sessions.

The Vplayed Video Streaming Solution For Education

Vplayed is a next-gen video on demand solution equipped with features for buffer-free live streaming. You can live stream videos from a simple smartphone with a decent camera or even a professional camera with 4K clarity. Vplayed’s powerful encoder and cloud scalability ensures that videos get streamed to viewer screens with great visual clarity.

Benefits of Vplayed

As a feature-rich video on demand solution, Vplayed comes decked with several benefits that will simplify the efforts of broadcasters.

1. Fully-decked operator dashboard

Vplayed empowers live broadcasters with total control over their live streaming with a dashboard that has ergonomically placed control interfaces as well as live feed about viewership and similar information.

2. Multiple Monetization Routes

Don’t be stuck with tons of video, but, just one way to monetize it. Make multiple streams of revenue with SCOD, AVOD, TVOD and several other monetization channels.

3. Single URL

A single live-streaming URL to broadcast the content to multiple parties including third-party content management parties, sponsors, video sharing platforms, social media channels and much more.

4. Live stream to VOD

Convert into your live streams into on demand videos post event completion. Scheduled delivery, automated video processing, etc. makes it easy to convert your live videos into on demand video with playback facility.

5. Real-time viewership analytics

Have a pulse on the number of people who saw your video, how long they saw, which video garnered maximum views and much more with real-time viewership analytics.

6. Buffer-free streaming

State-of-the-art live streaming technology that ensures that the videos are streamed without any glitches or buffering issues.

7. Turnkey solution

A pre-built solution that can be readily customized and launched. Customize the video player, dashboard, UI/UX controls or anything else to specific requests before going live.