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How to Use Instagram to Boost Your Online Sales

How to Use Instagram to Boost Your Online Sales

Monday May 27, 2019,

5 min Read


When it comes to marketing, a lot of people are ditching traditional marketing techniques and switching to digital marketing. The sheer reason behind this is that we have maximum eyeballs on digital platforms. There are several ways of marketing that come under the digital umbrella, and one among them is Instagram Marketing. Instagram has over 700 million monthly users, so without a doubt, it’s a potential platform to invest our time, money and energy.

Putting right images, videos and text on Instagram let the customers absorb your marketing message very easily without any hard sales pitches. So, the magic here is that you get customers and business without selling to them. In simple words, we can say that it helps you to convert passive shoppers into confident customers.

But how does it work? How we can use Instagram to boost online sales? Don’t worry, you will get all the answers, whether you are a noob to Instagram or not, we have got all covered for you. Let’s start and get insights on how to increase sales through Instagram.

  • Set up an Instagram account that defines your business

While creating and Insta account for your business, remember that it is not about you. Keep your personal one separated from your business account. This Instagram page should be all about your brand and audience. Don’t even think of posting personal selfies or stuff from your life on that account. I would rather say you should not at all appear on your brand’s page. It should only talk about your business.

Stay consistent with your brand name and image icon. Select a name that is the same as your business, defines it well or use the one that you have for other social media handles. Don’t change your image frequently, in fact, be consistent and use the one that’s already been set. Make sure you put something professional and recognizable.

Once done with the above mentioned, add a catchy and informative bio that can hook followers. Create a light and appealing bio keeping in mind that Instagram culture is very different from your e-commerce website. Put a link to your website or the targeted landing page after the description. This will lead traffic directly to your website.

  • Post visual content

People connect more with visuals rather than text, so post images and videos that describe your product well. They give a better idea and understanding. Maintain the quality of images and video that you post. Bad cropping or blur images is a big NO! You will lose professionalism points when you don’t take into consideration the quality of your photos.

Create eye-catchy and unique videos/photos that define your brand culture and products. Because Instagram is not a direct sales platform, so you have to take care that your feed should be appealing to keep the followers hooked.

  • Increase number of likes

Likes are everything! Instagram marketing is of no use when you don’t have people to see it. Yes, Instagram has millions of monthly users but all that matters is how many of them are the potential audience that you should target to show and promote your online sales.

Even if you are posting engaging content and amazing images, you still need a strategy to reach out to people, get them to see your posts and start following your page. There are a lot of ways to increase likes on Instagram. Use backlinks from your other social handles, ask your friends to share your page on their social handles, use hashtags, get in touch in influencers who can use their huge likes base and ask them to follow you and many more.

Asking people to follow you will not sort it as they are not going to do that blindly. People on Instagram are way smarter than you think and will fall for your call to action request easily. They analyze your page and ensure that is it even worth following or not. That’s where all your engaging and interesting posts will save you. One more thing that grabs the attention of users is the number of likes on your posts. The number of likes makes the post look more attractive and assures the user about the authenticity and quality of them. If you are looking for secure and reliable sites with guaranteed satisfaction to buy Instagram likes you can use websites like buyiglikefast.com.

  • Active involvement

By active involvement, we not only mean to post regularly, though it is a must there are other things that also contributes to user engagement. Always be on your toes to appeal your followers, be creative and find different ways by which you can do this because if your followers don’t find your page engaging and feel bored, they always have an option to unfollow it. So, don’t sit back and chill because you have a lot of followers.

Active engagement is the key here. This includes posting regularly, replying to comments, asking for feedback's, Q&A sessions and ask me anything posts where you can answer the questions of your customers directly. Also, you can give exclusive offers/info and run contests for more engagement of your followers. In fact, offers, info, and contests are one of the best ways to increase sales.

Exclusive info not only includes discounts and coupons. You can also offer free products and trials, behind the scene pictures and videos, only for Instagram contests. These motivate customers to take action and, they may recommend your page to others which can increase follower base. Apart from these, you can brainstorm can come up with new ideas and figure out what works best for you. Because in the end, it is you who knows your brand and follower’s behavior.


Instagram has shown some great results to brands. Using Instagram for marketing also shows that you are in pace with the latest trends. The above tips should give you insights and ideas on how to increase your sales on Instagram.