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How to work effectively from Home?

Top habits to adopt to enhance your remote work lifestyle.

How to work effectively from Home?

Tuesday April 28, 2020,

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A lot of people dreamt about working from home or at least have the desire to work from home. Everyone that I know used to say that it will be really productive and impactful to work from home as they can save many hours wasted in the commute on daily basis. But now when everyone has the opportunity to work from home is now experiencing productivity related issues. In this article we will be looking at different ways to how to increase your productivity and things which you can do to enhance you remote work lifestyle. 

Remote Working lifestyle

Top 4 things to consider while working from home. 

Have allocated time slots for breaks:

It is very important to set a tone for the rest of your day and have proper allocated times for your tea/coffee and lunch breaks. Framing the tasks and setting priorities is equally important for the rest of your day. The one thing which can get really distracting is your cell phone so having allocated time to check your social media, messages or calls is also important. Continuous focus is vital to accomplish certain tasks but it is also proven that you cannot focus on one thing for over 2 hours so probably taking a 3 minutes tea break is not a bad idea or engaging with some funny memes but make sure not to slip into some daily breaking news. 

Have a clean surrounding and work station:

The place where you work from can have drastic impact on your health and the work you produce. The one thing which you want to avoid is to work from your bed. Keep your desk clean and making sure it only has the things which you need during the day. Avoid cluttering your desk with unnecessary books or magazines. If you can manage to have a great view that will be really cool especially from where you can see outside and have plenty of natural sunlight coming in. 

Have a proper diet and go for a walk:

Keeping an eye on your diet is extremely crucial when you work from home because things can go out of control easily and you can loose a track to what you consume. You can get lazy and fall apart from the usual routine of eating on time. Eating healthy and nutritious is important as it will help lift your mood for the day. The one thing which you can take an advantage is eating in small quantities and frequently vs. eating all in one break. Consider going for a 10minutes of walk during afternoon to get some fresh air and move your body around. 

Communicate , communicate and communicate:

Communication is really important so you want to make sure that you frequently communicate with your team either by zoom calls or even Skype messages. You will probably want to call over sending emails because sometimes messages can be miscommunicated in emails. Never underestimate the face value in communication. So when possible take an advantage and hop on a quick face call with your colleagues and clients. 

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