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Hire a Web Design Agency When Starting an E-commerce Company

Things to Know When Hiring an E-commerce Web Design Company

Hire a Web Design Agency When Starting an E-commerce Company

Monday May 27, 2019,

7 min Read

hire a web design company

So, tired of your boss screaming at you every day? Want to step out on your own, leave your mark on the world? Wish to start an e-Commerce company and finally bring your old project into the limelight?

Keep in mind that solely because you are the boss now, it doesn’t mean life is going to be all merry and stress-free. The trials are just beginning.

First off, since you’ve already decided on establishing a startup, the next step would be to choose an E-commerce web design company for your online store. Designing a website that corresponds to your ideas and business is an arduous task; thus, it is impertinent that you chose a web design company that not only understands your vision but also values your opinion.

So, read along and see what things you should keep in mind when hiring an e-Commerce web design company:

Ensure They Are NOT Using Outdated Technology

The technology today is ever-changing. You need to ensure that the web development company you hire is not still using outdated versions of the software.

Any business is solely dependent on consumer satisfaction. An e-commerce website needs to change with the changes in consumer behavior. Thus, as shoppers get savvy, you also need to adapt and ensure a superior customer experience.

Do They Have Experience with Your Niche

Many agencies offer development and design services, along with digital marketing, testing; principally, an all-inclusive package. However, Web Designing and Development is a vast discipline with very many branches like e-commerce web design, community building website development, and so on. Thus, before you go signing up with just any web design agency ensure that they have experience working in the same niche as you.

Not having prior experience in the same industry can prove to be fatal to your business. So, conduct your research, find out which web Design Company can design a website that is more apt for your business venture, and then make the final decision.

Their Strategy Corresponds to Your Business Ideals


Admittedly, you took a step in this direction with a thought-out plan in mind. Whatever ideas you have about your business and the road you want to follow to achieve your dream is your decision, and the design company you hire should be able to respect and replicate your vision.

One way to ensure that the web design company you choose can follow through your expectations is to read their portfolio. Do a thorough check and see if they have the designs that correspond to your vision or at least come close to it. Also, be precise and clear in what you expect from them.

Additionally, you should also ask them what their strategies will be to generate revenues for your website. If these tactics are in line with your goals, then you are sure to have a successful partnership and an equally thriving site.

Check Their Client Communication Skills

It is an essential aspect of a web design company. You may wonder what communication skills have to do with web design; however, keep in mind if you can’t understand what the other wants, how are you to move forward?

The web design company you hire should be able to understand your thought process as well as convey their own. They should be trained and skilled enough to have even a layman comprehend the concept of web design.

So, before you approach an e-Commerce web design company, make a list of the questions you would ask. Communication is a must in any partnership so, for a smooth experience, make sure your chosen company knows how.

Can They Handle Deadlines


Deadlines are essential if you ever want to get your work done on time, and for a web design firm, it is crucial that they can deliver at the expected time. Therefore, before you sign up with a company, ensure that they can meet your set deadlines.

Before signing any contract, be sure of the following:

•   The number of changes you can request

•   The scope of work that needs doing

•   Does the company need any information from you?

•   A set timeline and launch date for your website

Additionally, more often than not, a web development firm provides web hosting services as well as web design. A secure web hosting would ensure that your website is protected from malicious users, as well as provide automatic updates and rolling backups.

Are They Aware of Technical SEO


The work with web development doesn’t end with the launch of your website. It is just the beginning.

The Web design company you hire should have an expert SEO analyst who knows what he/she is doing. Correct search engine optimization will enable your website to rank higher in the top pages of Google Search Results.

Many web design companies also provide content writing services that are a bonus to the site SEO. This way, you don’t have to hire a separate company to write content that is in line with SEO and the layout of the web design.

For a successful business, it is imperative to increase your Google Ranking for it will lead the way to higher traffic to your website.

Are They Using a Design Template or is it Custom Design

Some web design companies offer both options to their clients. However, you need to decide which one will best fit your business ideals.

A custom design is created from scratch; from the coding to the layout, it is unique, and only you will be able to use it, which also makes it a more expensive option.

On the other hand, a design template is available to all and is far more affordable. Plus, you have both free and premium features at your disposal. Moreover, using a convenient theme for your website makes web designing less demanding with lower time consumption.

Do You Have the Freedom to Make Changes

Consumer behavior changes with time, and there is a constant update in software and technology. So, you might need to make relevant changes to your website from time to time.

Before you finalize your decision, ask the design firm whether you will have the freedom to make additions to your website as you please after it is live on the internet. Some web design firms coach you or your team members to be able to make the changes yourself. While others make it, so they are the only ones to add alterations at an additional charge.

Also, keep in mind that not all design companies offer the option to provide maintenance. Thus, you need to ensure that the firm you sign up with allows you to call them after the launch of your site to make any changes.

Will You Have Ownership of the Domain

It is impertinent that you inquire if you will have complete authority over your website domain, the design, and web hosting account after it is launched. If you don’t own the rights to your site, it will negatively influence your return on investment (ROI) as well as any future sale you may intend to make.

The design firm you chose or freelance designer must agree to sign over all IP rights to your site. If not, well then you know which company to look over.

Read Up on Their Client Reviews


Client reviews are an essential part of signing any contract. If you are going to be in a partnership with a company, the least you should know is whether the previous clients were satisfied with their work or not.

You should ask your web design firm to provide you with client references and links to their previous work so that you can get an idea of how efficient and experienced they are in web development. If the old patrons are happy, there is a good chance you will be too.

Bottom Line

Hiring an E-commerce web design company may seem like a daunting task; however, if you understand and apply the above points to your decision, you are sure to have a smooth ride to a successful e-commerce website.