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Is Artificial Intelligence a threat to Humans?

 Is Artificial Intelligence a threat to Humans?

Tuesday March 12, 2019,

4 min Read

While watching sci-fi movies you must have encountered bots doing heavy tasks with great precision and you might be wondering, are we driving ourselves to this future? Artificial intelligence is a creation of Human Intelligence which will surely ease our lives in future but let us understand if it can emerge as a threat to Human Intelligence?

What is it?

Artificial Intelligence in simple words is a part of science where machines are loaded with algorithms that let them work as humans. It is machine intelligence which comprises of Planning, Problem-solving ability along with Speech recognition and so on.

Algorithms strengthen AI and provide it with the power to do reasoning and correct itself when required. It is basically a gift of human intelligence to humans. We have created intelligent machines to work on our commands. Alexa and Apple Siri are among the few examples of on-going AI machines.

Will they snatch human’s opportunities?

Jack Ma, the world’s richest man once said in his interview that AI will become a threat to humans. What he actually meant was, AI will snatch job opportunities from humans. The tasks that are being done today by human hands will be performed by bots in the future. Is it true? Well, we can’t predict future but one thing is certain that we have created AI for our ease and Human Intelligence is always going to be on top.

There is not much to worry about as the future will reveal more and more job opportunities and humans will be having various opportunities regarding their career. Actually, these thoughts are the results of our over-expectations, we expect that one day AI will become so powerful that it will snatch our jobs and lead us to another world war. Many have started believing that AI has made quantum leaps as well. We are living in the real world and not in a fictional life like Hollywood movies.

We should control our expectations. You will be shocked to hear that according to a report by Sage survey 43% of Americans don’t know what AI is? So firstly, the biggest issue is lack of awareness among a number of peoples regarding AI.

It is an Autonomous Process Automation -

You must have to understand that we have not created another human brain rather we have created a machine that works like a human brain. AI does the analysis, it solves the problems and it performs autonomous automation based on its experience, knowledge, and data. Don’t be negative and consider AI as a helping hand that is going to ease our lives.

AI is different from humans -

Alexa and Apple Siri are AIs but they are far different from us. Whatever you speak to them, they translate it to sound bites and then work on them. You will have to come out of the fictional world. These are not self-learning machines, they do what we command them to do.

After regular intervals, you get an e-mail that has a new set of commands for Alexa. Hence we command them to work in our directions. You will have to understand that these are not Einstein or Hawkins, not even close to them. Human Intelligence is creative and we keep doing innovative researches. AI is just a result of our creative intelligence. AI can’t be innovative, these can’t think and neither these can become creative.

What should we do?

The next big question that must be revolving in your brain is what should we do? Well, just control your expectations. Einstein and Hawkins were having human brains which can think far more than any supercomputer. AIs are made to ease our lives and we should not live in threat. More than 5000 peoples work on improving Alexa, they are creating a better bot for us.

We will have to come out of the fictional world that Hollywood movies have created around us. They are called machines for a purpose. You need not put a lot of stress on the word “intelligent”. You should aware of the data and information that you are sharing with them as once you have shared something it is impossible (virtually) to bring it back.

Be aware and be educated.

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