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Is there any platform to hire App developer?

The vital things we should keep in mind while go for hire mobile app developer.

Is there any platform to hire App developer?

Tuesday September 18, 2018,

6 min Read

Planning to go for a mobile or web App that will fuel your business growth? Indeed a great idea as apps is the perfect link between business and customer. All you need is to hire app developer or development team – dedicated, efficient and experienced. Building a mobile app that fulfills the idea behind its creation completely requires technical excellence and brilliant marketing.

To begin with, you need to either outsource the App development or hire App developer. Many organizations that have some kind of in-house IT team or support prefer to hire an App developer. An App developer will help in building up strategy, finalize the App design, develop the front end and back end, integrate all the code into one QA tested package and deploy the App to the Play Store.

One thing is evident.

An App developer is a savior here but the question is where you will find the savior of your App?

You can hire an App developer or get a freelancer to work on your App. If you are looking for more controlled App development it is best advised to hire a developer from an App development company.

Advantages of hiring an App Developer

Choosing a Development Company as the platform to hire the App developer comes with a set of advantages which are vital to the entire concept of getting an App developed:

  • Time honored delivery of App to meet your marketing strategy.
  • Reliability of work as you cannot always trust a freelancer.
  • Security of business information as the company will sign an NDA.
  • A developer from the development company is capable of handling working with a team well.
  • A development company has a reputation to maintain for the quality of Services. They will ensure you get the best skills.
  • Dedicated developer who works just on your project ensures more dedicated effort goes to the entire project to make it successful.

The process of hiring a developer from App Development Company

In the competitive landscape of App development, it might be a challenging task to find the right developer for your Mobile App development. The process of hiring with the App development companies is comparatively simpler, more flexible and reliable:

  • Certified Developers

Hiring developers from reputed development companies ensure, you can select from a range of certified and experienced developers. Having access to such an extensive talent pool ensures you app gets the expertise that promises to make it a successful project.

  • Extensive Hands-on experience

In an App development company, the developers have worked across multiple domains and platforms that ensure that you hire a developer who has more relevant experience. The mobile App development company has the portfolio of their developers ready so that you can go through the relevant and best talents and pick them up immediately in a trustworthy manner.

  • Easy checking of Track Record

While hiring mobile App developers, the app development company makes sure the background of the developer is thoroughly checked. So, in fact, you save a lot of time, effort and money as you are not required to go through the background checks.

  • Cost-Effective Services

Working with the App development company will make sure you do not pay exorbitant prices to the App developers. These companies provide you developers to hire at very competitive and affordable prices.

  • Flexible engagement

You can hire developers on hourly, monthly, weekly and per project basis. There is no requirement to pay the developers even when they are not working for you. Also in case the developer falls sick or is not able to work on your project for any reason, the company will take complete responsibility to replace him with an equally talented resource so that you do not run into any kind of risk.

What is an App developer hired from a development company capable of doing?

  • Identifying the project requirements

It requires skills to define the project requirements. Generally, the developers working with mobile App development companies have experience of understanding and defining the project requirements. They make sure the project details are refined and also tip you on what is the right marketing strategy like should you go for native apps or cross-platform apps.

  • Comprehensive Development 

Right from the inception of the idea to the development, testing, and deployment the App developer will be fully involved in your project. He will work on the feedback, offer you upgrade and maintenance surety.

Before you engage the developer make sure you discuss your expectations like the quality of deliverable you expect, the deadlines of the project and the start and end dates of the entire SDLC cycle.

How to shortlist the App developer from an App development company?

You would be required to submit a proposal to the App development company that will have the details of your project. Based on the proposal the company will share the most relevant and precise profiles with you. You need to shortlist the developers whom you want to interview and finally take onboard:

While you interview the candidate look for the below things:

  • Portfolio

Check their project portfolio and ask them relevant questions that meet your project needs. Have a look at their portfolio projects and also if they have any GitHub links, you can dig into them to understand the degree of expertise they have. You need to make sure they understand the requirement of your project well and deliver what is expected.

  • Professionalism

Although the app development company will make sure they send you the most professional developer, it is also your duty to make sure they are professional and communicate well with your team.

  • Experience

Years do add to knowledge, project handling, and time management. Do check the number of years the developer has been with the organization to make sure he has the necessary experience to carry out the project with complete confidence.

  • Conclusion

Hiring App developer from a mobile app development company is a promising and risk-free way to get your App to build with a complete control over your project. It gives you flexibility and cost affordability without compromising on quality.

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