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Leaked: My Outreaching Formula to Gain More Attention

Essential craft to master when it comes to building your network.

Leaked: My Outreaching Formula to Gain More Attention

Thursday June 10, 2021,

4 min Read

Many people think that outreaching is all about reaching out to the masses (Broadcasting). It isn't just about broadcasting your message and hoping for the best, it's about knowing who you're talking to and how they'll respond.

In this small post, I want to talk a little bit about the outreach strategy for different kinds of people in order to get them on board with what you do!

Let's Dive in...

4 Types of Levels to Influence

As per my experience, There are four different kinds of influencers. You can't talk in one single way. Let's differentiate the audience into four different levels;

  • King - celebrity/public figure like Chris Pratt on Facebook & Twitter
  • Minster - high-profile bloggers/personalities that have built up trust with their audience
  • Commanders - heavy hitters on social networks who have tens of thousands of followers
  • Soldiers - everyday folks following along by liking and commenting


Kings are industry leaders in their niche. When it comes to marketing: Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Neil Patel are good examples.

You can start engaging them by:

  • Build a relationship with them by engaging in their content on social media or commenting on blog posts
  • Find out what they enjoy and what they're passionate about
  • Send them a personalized message saying why you think their opinion matters to your audience

It's very difficult to reach out to Kings. It requires an extreme level of patience to have a reply back. I'd not recommend you to reach out to them.


Ministers are the influencers that you can find on any social media platform. They have a good network and could be anyone.

These people can be niche influencers as well. When it comes to SEO: Brian Dean, Rand Fishkin are good examples

When reaching out to ministers, it's important to:

  • Find those with reach in your niche who share similar content as yours
  • Make sure they're not too busy or overwhelmed by offers
  • Find out who this person is by studying his/her content, posts on social media, etc. Then find commonalities with this person that will allow you to build rapport more quickly than if it were someone else entirely different from the blogger or influencer
  • For example, if he or she went to Duke University as I did, mention something in passing about how "we'll always be Dukies" as an introduction post.

This way there's already some connection that can't really be made with another random stranger.


Commanders are micro-influencers who have moderate amounts of following. These can be people who started up a few years back, have some success in their area.

When it comes to commanders: Shehraj Singh (Me) is a good example of it.

  • Find those with reach in your niche who share similar content as yours
  • Build up trust by engaging in their content.
  • Offer them something of value, like an interview for their podcast or exclusive access to a new product
  • Don't ask for too much - on the other end of the spectrum, there are those with little time and less reach.

Commanders are easy fishes, Even broadcasting will help you to achieve good results because they didn't receive regular emails.


Soldiers are folks who are interested are interested in a particular domain, and you can reach them by broadcasting.

When it comes to B2B deals, There is no benefit to reach out to these people but they're great sources to do industry study.

Boiling Down

Minsters and Commanders should be ideal prospects when it comes to outreaching. Kings will not listen because they have a large following. Alternatively, Soldiers are not a good source to look up to.


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