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Reasons Why Investing in Brochure Design Can Benefit your Business Effectively

Reasons Why Investing in Brochure Design Can Benefit your Business Effectively

Thursday July 18, 2019,

5 min Read

It's true that digital mode of promotion is preferable these days over printed media. But, brochure design will never lose its importance since it is a unique and memorable aspect for promoting many businesses. When you post content on a website to promote your company, it captures the attention of your viewers. However, when you go for printing brochures from a professional agency, it gives more credibility and memorability to your brand.  

But, before you invest in designing your brochure, try to know how it can be beneficial for your business. Moreover, you should also be aware of the types of brochures available in the market so that you can select the best design for your brand. So, to learn how to design a brochure, you will have to follow the step-wise sequence. Hence, it's best to know about all the important aspects of brochure designing before implementing it on your business.

Why Brand Owners are Choosing Brochure Design to Promote Their Businesses?

If you want to invest in brochure design for your brand, you need to understand the benefits of this print media. A brochure can act as a new marketing tool for your products/services and offer a tangible mode of communication to the customers. There are multiple modes of printed materials to advertise your business like a newspaper article, leaflets, brochures, etc. So, why not rediscover the old way of promoting your brand by means of distributing brochures. 

But, if you are doubtful regarding the utilization of brochure in business’s promotion, you have to study its list of advantages. 

Limited Space for Large Information

If you design a brochure to promote your business, you can cover key details in a small space as compared to other print media. A brochure is a perfect mode for marketing as it helps to convey useful information within a specific limit. Hence, you can design a brochure to introduce your brand and explain the details of your services and products.

One of the most exclusive features of brochures is to provide brand’s contact details on a physical thing (paper, booklet, etc). In addition to this, you can also print the condensed version of your business’s website and include the information in the brochure. This will enable the consumers to go through this information at their time of conveniences and keep the brochure handy. 

Versatile Design and Distributability

There is no specific size or format to create a brochure for any business. Hence, you can have the full freedom to select your personalized format and print the brochure. Another great thing about the brochure is that you can distribute them in multiple ways. Hence, you can choose any social event to target your potential buyers and handover the brochures accordingly. If you are the owner of any retail outlet in some specific geographic location, you can distribute the brochures on-spot.  

There are many leading businesses and organizations, who prefer to design digital brochures. So, if you want to go paperless, you can ask an agency to design e-brochure. These brochures can be easily sent to the customers in the form of emails and even Fax. You can also promote the content of your digital brochure by sharing it on your social media profile. This is another great way to boost traffic to your website and create the scope to distribute e-brochures on digital platforms. 

Cost-effective Mode for Capturing Your Reader’s Attention

If you calculate the overall investment in brochure design, it is comparatively cheaper than other printed materials. If you compare the brochure with traditional newspaper printing, you can’t reuse the advertisement or information after a specific time. This means, publishing an article on a newspaper won’t stay inside your reader’s mind after some time. Whereas, your customers can keep the brochures for a longer period of time and share it with others. 

When you rely on TV commercials to advertise any product/service, it requires undivided attention from the viewers. But, nobody remembers the contact information shown on TV screens after the advertisement is over. This is the reason why many brands prefer to go for brochures and print them in bulk. It will cost only the one-time printing charges and you can choose when to distribute the brochure as per the business’s requirements. 

What Types of Brochure Design Folds are Available in the Market?

If you are thinking to get brochure design Dubai you will need to specify the type. Hence, it's quite important to know about the classification of brochure folds before picking a design.

Fold-Based Designs

In terms of fold, a brochure can be categorized as:

  • Half-fold
  • Bi-fold
  • Tri-fold
  • Cross fold
  • Die-Cut fold
  • Z fold
  • Gate-fold

Size-Based Designs

If you want to select a specific format and size, you can design a brochure as:

  • Bi-fold A4
  • Bi-fold A3
  • A4 brochure
  • Tri-fold A3
  • Flap and inserts

Points to Remember While Designing a Brochure for Your Company

If you want to design a brochure for your business, you should consider a few important points.

  • You must clearly define the type of service/product that your company deals with. It also requires a better understanding of the demands of your potential buyers before conveying any promotional messages. 
  • After you have successfully decided the metrics, budget, design template and/or type of brochure, draw an outline. If you are unable to create a rough sketch for your brochure, you can take help from a professional designer as well. 
  • Try to include catchy headlines, content, and CTA in your brochures. Also, before placing your order in bulk quantity, print a single copy of the brochure for analyzing its details.