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Learn Everything about the Best Web Development Frameworks for your Applications

Learn Everything about the Best Web Development Frameworks for your Applications

Monday July 01, 2019,

6 min Read

Among all the most important aspects of web development, certain tools are out there that can help you a lot to develop your customized web applications. Such tools are known as the web application framework or in simple terms web framework. These frameworks are designed to help the developer to develop different web applications, web APIs, and web resources. But as developers, you always want to opt for the best web development frameworks. 

Well, as far as the frameworks are concerned, they are nothing but libraries that help you develop your application in a much faster and a smarter way. The number of web frameworks has increased in a great manner only because of the gradually increasing requirement. 

In this post, we are going to discuss the most important aspects of the frameworks that can help you in the long run. With the help of these frameworks, it won’t be a problem to make your own application tailored according to your needs. 

The Best Web Development Frameworks to Opt for the Application you want to Develop:

No matter if it is an impressive business website or a complex web application, the frameworks are always there to help. However, in a good web application developing environment, the back-end web frameworks can help you program for the server side scripting. 

They consist of tools and languages for successful web development process no matter if it’s the front end or backend development that you want to follow. So, here are the best web development frameworks to make the central logic for the application you want to develop. 

Ruby on Rails

This is one of the most significant and productive web application frameworks for any kind of web development process. The framework was written by David Heinemeier Hansson and distributed with open source technology. The most important aspect of this framework is that it can develop an application ten times faster than any other frameworks based on Java. 

So, if you are looking for a framework by which you can create database-driven applications in the best way, then Rails is the best one you can choose.  It even includes the Model-View-Controller or MVC pattern for the development process. You can get it from the official website of Ruby on Rails and start customizing. There are several popular websites which are developed using this framework such as GitHub, Shopify, GroupOn, and so many others. 


It may come second in the list but if you want high-quality web applications, then you can go for nothing but this. Django is another framework, dedicated to building quality applications for the web. To meet fast-moving newsroom deadlines, this framework was invented in the beginning. However, it continues to excel with all the parameters a developer looks for in a framework.

It never compromises with the requirements of experienced web developers in providing the best applications to their clients. Python is the language on which it’s been written for developers. Fast, secure, scalable, and versatile applications can be yours any time you want. Instagram, Quora, Pinterest, and Disqus are famous websites, developed using this framework. 


Google has contributed to the world of web technologies with its own framework known as Angular. Building powerful web apps have become easier with the help of this framework. It was first invented by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons. Therefore, if you want to build apps with large scalability and high performance, then this is it. 

Keeping the applications so easy for maintaining is one of the most important usefulnesses of this framework. Moreover, there are a huge number of applications developed using this framework and they are the robust ones in terms of everything. Some of the popular applications among them are YouTube on PS3, Netflix, Weather, and so many others. 


One of the most valuable contributions made by Microsoft is the ASP.Net framework. It not only helps to develop robust applications for  PCs but also for mobile devices. The framework is available for both the use of commercial and freeware. To build web applications using the .NET language, ASP.Net is the perfect tool or framework you need. For all the web application developers, ASP.Net has become the best web development framework. 

This framework is the all in one tool for all the developers who need power, productivity, and speed in their applications. The framework is written in C# that makes it more robust than its other counterparts. StackOverflow, TacoBell, and GettyImages are popular websites that have been developed using this framework.


To make the entire development process radically simpler, the Metor framework has come into its existence. In its early stages, it was known as Metor.JS and it provides convenient ways of developing quality applications. Developing real-time mobile as well as web applications have become much easier with its help.

For rapid prototyping and producing cross-platform codes, one can always opt for this framework. It always can offer you better services in terms of database-driven applications. The cloud platform it offers can simplify a lot of tasks of the application development and deployment process. It can even help you not only develop and deploy the app but also scale and monitor it constantly. 


In the year 2011, Taylor Otwell came with the framework based on PHP server-side language and named it as Laravel. This is one great framework for all the applications you want to develop. Most importantly, it follows the MVC architectural pattern like all the other modern frameworks. 

The elegance, readability, and most of all the simplicity it comes with makes it more competitive than the others. Any developer irrespective of whether he or she is a beginner or experienced can start learning and developing their favorite applications. Laracsts has hundreds of tutorials in it from where you can learn whatever you want about Laravel. 


Building dynamic websites is one of the first criteria that one can easily do with the help of this framework. EllisLab is behind the development of this great framework and it is famous because of the simplicity provides in developing different web applications. The framework is loosely based on the popular MVC structure where model and views are optional and controllers are necessary. 

For exceptional performance and nearly zero configuration, CodeIgniter has become one of the best web frameworks for developers. As no large sale monolithic libraries available with this framework, it is faster than many frameworks. The language on which CodeIgniter stands on is PHP. The Mail and Guardian, Bufferapp, and so many other popular websites use this framework.

To Conclude

Apart from all these frameworks, there are so many other frameworks available that can help you with your web development. In the list, there are Symphony, Ember.JS, React.JS, Sails.JS, Play, Spring, Express, and so many others are available. But, in the post, we only discussed the best web development frameworks for your project. You can opt for any one of them depending on your requirements. It’s always the requirement that decides which framework will be the best for you. Hope, it helped you find the answer you have been looking for a while now. Thank you.