How Low-Code and No-Code platforms helped businesses handle COVID19 crisis

How Low-Code and No-Code platforms helped businesses handle COVID19 crisis

Tuesday July 07, 2020,

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It has been 6 months since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak and almost four since it has brought the world to a standstill. This has left businesses crippled without their original working capacity and struggling to get back on track. The need of the hour has become the set-up of systems for remote work and keeping employees safe.

As businesses now begin to reopen, these measures of safety and distance need to still be kept in mind. There have been many solutions to these unique problems, even the no-code, and low-code platform space. Many of these solutions have been offered as goodwill to help sustain the business ecosystem and growth.

The Importance of No-Code and Low-Code Platforms During this Pandemic

How Low-Code and No-Code platforms helped businesses handle COVID19 crisis

While the official government orders remain to stay-at-home as much as possible, businesses have been either forced to digitize or to hasten their existing digitization process. While this was a task for the IT department while it was slow, this meant that the need for applications for a variety of business functions was high and urgent. No-code and low-code software enable applications to be created as fast as they are required. Further, these platforms have to lead to a larger level of delegation in the application creation process so that each team has the true ability to live up to their full potential.

From free access to application building platforms to accelerated access to document generation and employee safety software, no-code and low-code platforms have pulled all the stops in trying to make this shift easier and smoother. Here are a few applications you can check out for the great endeavors they are currently indulging in to help grow your business.

1. Quick Base:

In this time, credit and loans have been more important to small businesses than ever. They can be the difference between keeping a business from going under. Loans are usually a long complicated process and time is of the absolute essence.

Quick Base has set up a wizard to understand an organization’s eligibility for assistance in determining which loans apply to the organization. If the lender is a bank or a credit union and the business qualifies for the PPP Quick Base provides support ushing their COVID-19 Small Business Loan accelerator to help generate the required documents for the loan. Leaving the organization with just the small task of submitting the application forward.

2. OutSystems:

OutSystems believes in the power of a global community and understands the hardship many organizations are going through. They want to be a part of the greater ecosystem and look to mobilize their own employees amongst others to build a stronger force against the coronavirus.

OutSystems believes in the power of the applications designed by their software as a part of this fight and is looking to take these solutions to a place where they can help more than just the organization that created them.

They have committed to turn up to 20 ideas that they believe will change the game into reality. The only catch is that these ideas must truly be instrumental in solving the global problem at hand. OutSystems will give free access to their software and expertise for the duration of the pandemic so that a perfect product can be developed.

3. Quixy

Quixy acknowledges the fact that some of the number one concerns today extend far beyond business security. Health and safety of friends, family, community members, and employees are at the forefront. Productivity and work have continued but the people are the ones that should be well taken care of. In this spirit, Quixy has found ways to put their platform to good use to help organizations manage the crisis.

Quixy is offering its enterprise-grade no-code platform free with ready-to-use command and control center apps. These control center apps have been built specifically to enable organizations with the ability to monitor the safety of their employees. Further, these applications such as e-pass, COVID-19 self-assessment, facilities inspection, or contact tracing can be modified to fit the needs of the organization or even integrated with existing IT systems. All this alongside technical support from the Quixy team!

4. Salesforce

Salesforce believes in the importance of speed during this time and the need for speed in the connection between customers, employers, partners, and more. For them, this means that everything from application creation, technical support, updation, and usage all must be streamlined to ensure businesses can run as smoothly as possible.

Salesforce has offered all companies of all sizes their Salesforce Care solutions from live sessions and onboarding all the way yo access to the community and support during this time. They are committed to alleviating concerns through their preconfigured solution gives you self-service help centers, FAQ, Employee digital learning platform, omnichannel workspaces, and overall just peace of mind.

5. Pega

Pega believes that its platform has power and that this must be harnessed to keep hundreds of thousands of employees, employers, and customers. Their technology is flexible and scalable and that is the key to a better world. Over the last few months, Pega has worked with a variety of companies to help set them up for safety and success at this time. For example, they have helped create healthcare organizations to track and manage the health, safety, and availability of its entire workforce and they have made this available to other organizations free of charge as it is so important to have today.

Pega ensures that their team is made accessible to people who need it to keep their businesses safe. These applications are also designed to make sure workflows are defined and accessible for scalable growth. The four apps they have created specifically for this purpose are; employee readiness surveys, employee health screening, workplace PPE management, and workplace safety management.

6. Appian

Appian has a fast, flexible, and powerful platform that is looking to put those qualities into the way they work with their customers. They acknowledge the position they are in and how they can use that great position to help people get through the COVID-19 crisis with their comprehensive workplace safety solution.

Some of the businesses they are currently helping include Bexley Health Neighborhood Care, A top-5 US bank, and A top-5 elevator manufacturer. These are just a few of the organizations they have made themselves available to scale, energize, and make efficient their businesses by accelerating the creation of high-impact business applications. They ensure that the right tools are used in the right places for maximum success.

Be sure to check out any of these businesses if you are a business looking to find your foothold in these trying times. While the world does seem to be falling apart sometimes with everything that is going on but these are some great examples of the world coming together to help one another out and to build towards greater successes.