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How to make an online gaming business in 2020?

The entertainment industry, and especially the development of computer games, is developing very rapidly today.

How to make an online gaming business in 2020?

Friday August 07, 2020,

5 min Read

The entertainment industry, and especially the development of computer games, is developing very rapidly today. However, it should be noted that large projects that are becoming popular with a large number of the population can currently only be afforded by well-known and long-standing companies, since their price is indecently high. However, this does not prevent novice developers from creating their own projects that use a simpler technology, in which much less money is invested, but which at the same time have their own consumers and can also be profitable.

The most popular and widespread are multiplayer online games. Despite the popularity of MMOs, there is competition here and the strongest survive. Small games come and go, erased from the memory of the players. Other games stay with us for years to come, thanks to addictive gameplay, unique features, and regular updates.

I think it's not a secret for anyone that games like World of Tanks, Final Fantasy and wow carry leading this battle for many years and are not going to give up their warm places to anyone.

However, the development of online projects that work through the user's browser is significantly different in many aspects from the development of a full-fledged game. Even a multiplayer game provides for a slightly different technology not only for creating, but also for promoting the game, which is important to consider even at the very beginning of work.

Today we will talk about what are the ways for an ordinary person to make money on games?

Character leveling

This way of making money is suitable for those who really love and know how to play. What are we talking about? In almost every game (on the black market) there is an opportunity to pay money and instantly get a character of the last level. But it is expensive, so a lazy or not very experienced player is looking for someone who could be paid less, but someone else to pump his level? This is such an indirect payment for pumping a character.

And here the question arises: maybe I can also make money on this? On the one hand, games lack additional services. On the other hand, such pumping can kill the meaning of the game and scare away players who wanted to honestly earn their high level.

The character upgrade service could be another addition to what is already offered in online games. But it should be noted that such a system is not easy to create. You need to maintain a balance so that you can't just pay money to raise the level of your character. I think that here the main emphasis should be placed not on the result of increasing the levels of the character and his pumping, but on the gameplay itself. So, for money, you can provide a service to a novice player or gamer who cannot greatly pump his character or go through a certain stage of the game, work in pairs or under the guidance of a more experienced gamer who is several steps higher. People are usually drawn into the game by the process itself. Therefore, their involvement in the process is in the first place, and not banal leveling, although one does not interfere with the other. You help people achieve the desired result; they help you earn money.

Become a distributor

The main beneficiaries of the rapid growth of the gaming industry are development companies or distributors, mainly they collect the cream of the gaming business. Only they have the resources to create a quality game and, more importantly, to promote it. Serious blockbusters require huge financial investments, which not everyone is capable of, and marketing and distribution eat up a significant part of the budget, that's why you can take part if you have savings. With microtransactions becoming the main monetization scheme, seed funding is one of the main success factors. As a result, the industry is moving towards increasing the importance of large companies.

Do you know how to program? Create your own game

Anyone understands that any games are very exciting and interesting for any age group. Many people are really addicted to games, sitting at work or at home to reboot.

A business based on online games can bring both very large profits and large losses, because after creating a game, if you were able to do something really worthwhile, it needs to be properly promoted and only after that profit will start to appear in your wallet, so that here you should be patient.

There are just a huge number of games on the Internet, there are just a lot of games, you can't even count everyone. Everyone will be able to find a game in which he will go headlong. Therefore, it is very important to have an advantage over your rivals. You don't have to buy them, you can just achieve yourself with persistence and creative thinking, if you know what is in trend in games now, what avid gamers expect - create.

In this article, we have provided you with three types of online earnings in 2020. We deliberately did not delve into the business approach and investing in the gaming industry, limiting ourselves only to ideas so that everyone can choose what suits him.