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Friday March 15, 2019,

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Success in life can never be guaranteed in all your efforts. If a person thinks that he should always get success in all his efforts, it is impossible. And even if one gets success in all his efforts, he can never be happy, because real happiness comes only when you know, what is unhappiness. Likewise, if one wants to enjoy the success, he should know what is failure.  'Little minds are tamed and subdued by adversities and unhappiness, but great minds rise above it." You have to rise above your failure or defeat.

"Failure is a man who has blundered but is not able to cash in on experience".

Any success is just the tip of the iceberg. The part submerged comprises failures, setbacks, learning  and what not. Success in the UPSC CSE is no different. Being highly unpredictable, the UPSC CSE is not less than a gamble. But with sincere efforts and dedicated approach, one can sail through this exam. Following are some guidelines which I felt are necessary :

1.           Having patience throughout the preparation period.

2.           Reading a limited number of standard books and material and revising them again and again.

3.           Following daily newspapers and a good monthly magazine

4.           Solving mock tests for practice.

5.           Solving previous years' question papers.

6.           Peer-to-peer review of answers and essays.

7.           Making daily timetable and sticking to it.

8.           Taking adequate sleep and healthy diet.

9.           Always keeping a positive attitude.


The UPSC CSE is like a marathon, and not a sprint.

One needs a huge storehouse of knowledge and a huge reservoir of patience to sail through this exam. There are phases of highs and lows, hopefulness and hopelessness, optimism and pessimism, but one has to always remember the driving motivating factor which propelled one to start preparation. I think that my biggest asset was the realisation that a career in Civil Services would offer me a golden chance to serve the society and "be the change I want to see in the world".

After I made up my mind to prepare for the CSE, the second most important thing was a right strategy and dedicated mindset. Along with this were patience and perseverance, not only during preparation period, but also while taking the exam which itself is a one-year process. Along with this, my family had been extremely supportive. My mother worked equally and even harder than I did to make my success possible. Ultimately, it was a collective effort of God's blessings, my family's support, guidance of my teachers and my own bit of effort.


'To err is human', but learning from one's own mistakes and mistakes of others is a trait of wise men.

I too made many mistakes during my preparation period. Due to lack of correct guidance, I had no idea of what books to read, which web sites to follow, how to read newspaper etc. I spent more than three hours on newspapers initially, which was a mistake. Slowly, I started filtering out irrelevant information and focussed only on relevant news.

Also, for dedicated preparation of subjects, initially, I was confused about the ample sources. Slowly, I realised that focussing only on quality material was beneficial. So I read only NCERTs and special editions on Economy etc. . The most crucial aspect is that one follows only quality material and revises them multiple times.                                                                       - Saumya Pandey, lAS Topper 2016-17 (4th Rank)


Know how to get a Government job easily!

There is no alternative for hard work and consistency for preparation and so aspirants should follow the

same.  Also they should focus on practice regularly.

For future aspirants, here we are giving some suggestions and views made by  Experienced Experts

Are coaching centers a necessity ? Coaching Classes have become as important and necessary as schools these days. A coaching centre or class must always be considered as an additional tool /support that can help you in performing better in your regular studies or competitive exams. ( add minimum 25-30% more marks )

To crack the Indian Central & State Government Jobs examination, it is must to have a proper guidance and techniques to solve questions. With the help of guidance from Best Coaching Centres’ Classes, one can prepare for Competitive examination for Government Job in a much better and faster way.

Aspirant  / Candidate should keep one thing in mind that there is a big competition in Government Job exam;  hence success can only be achieved if study plan has to be systematic and effective. Students can achieve that through good Coaching Centres. Go through in the following sections  below :

Competitive Exam Classes for Government Job / Best Institutes & Training Providers

For Central  & State Government Jobs


2.      Banking Services Chronicle Academy

3.      Apti Plus Academy

4.      NSB

5.     Career Power


7.     Times Institute for Banking

8.     M Power Group

9.     Indian Academy of Competitive Exams


11. RACE

12. IBT

13. Edu Home

14. Rau's IAS Study Circle

15. IIA

All the above Institutes Are Best But According To Your Location You May Join.

Q. How much time do you think one requires for serious preparations for this examination?

A. One to one and a half years.

              This is quite subjective, but a serious preparation of one to one and a half years is                                   

              enough to complete the syllabus of this exam.

-         Honoured with CSR Gold Medal and Trophy


                                                       Saurnya Pandey -Saumya Pandey, lAS Topper                    

                                                                                                 2016-17 (4th Rank)

Once there was a competition among ten persons. One person defeated all the other nine persons. When he was declared successful, he went to all the nine persons and expressed his gratitude to them. He said, "If you were not there, I could never be successful. My success has been possible only because of your existence". It has rightly been said that you should first know the darkness, then only you will be able to know the importance of light. Sometimes, it is good to know the 'bad'. It helps to realise the 'good'.

Obviously only those are going to be selected who get the cut-off marks decided for the selection. If some has not reached the cut-off marks, he should not feel sorry for it, because ultimately, this is a competition. Everybody makes mistakes, but one who makes lesser mistakes get more marks than others who make more mistakes. Again, this is the game of 'mistakes' and 'adversities'. You have to try and try again and eliminate your mistakes; find the effective solution to solve your adversities and then a day would come when you would achieve success.

My advice to all the aspirants is that they should give their best & devote a lot of time to preparation. This is the first requirement for every aspirant to succeed . Start without any delay and join a  Coaching Institute of repute for guidance and keep yourself informed about exams. All this together will help you succeed for sure.

All the great people like Jesus, Prophet Mohammad, Vivekanand, Nepolean-had to face great, uphill challenges in getting their desired goal, then only they could succeed. Nobody can stop a person in getting success, who keeps on attempting with his full vigour and best of his/her abilities.

Heartiest Congratulations for your bright future, Thank You !

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