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Reasons Why Laravel Web Development Is In Trend

we will talk about why Laravel Web development is in trend as what are the best features that keep it, developers, first choice.

Reasons Why Laravel Web Development Is In Trend

Tuesday September 17, 2019,

3 min Read

Laravel is one of the best open-source PHP web frameworks among all that is used for easy and quick web development.

To develop good quality websites and web applications, there are a number of PHP frameworks available for web development but laravel is favorite framework among the developers.  

Laravel use code syntax and MVC architecture which is developer-friendly and easily manageable with many useful features for websites like quick intuition, fast extension, and development speed.

With some of the clear features, flourishing and support from the ever-growing community made laravel a Leader in PHP framework. Even nowadays it's moving ahead with great speed.

Today, we will talk about why Laravel Web development is in trend as what are the best features that keep it, developers, first choice. 

Some Of The Key Features Of Laravel That Makes The Framework In Trend:

Laravel framework: includes different ways of accessing relational databases, class auto-loading, expressive migration system, eloquent ORM, restful resourceful controller, and efficient reverse routing.

Using Laravel developers can experience a trouble-free syntax. Here are some of the best features that make Laravel a market leader.

1. Authentication:

  • Using laravel to implement authentication becomes very easy. Everything configured out-of-the-box.
  • Configuration authentication file is located at config/auth.php.
  • To tweak the authentication services behavior number of well-documented options are available.
  • Auth is up with laravel and runs with a single piece of command.

2. Localization:

  • Laravel offers the localization feature that is a convenient way of retrieving a string of different languages.
  • Within the app these strings allow multiple languages to support effortlessly.
  • These language strings are stored in files within the /resources/lang/ directory.

3. Events:

  • Basic but an important feature of Laravel that allows one to listen and subscribe for an event in the application.
  • Event classes are stored in the Events directory and the listeners are stored in Listeners directory.

4. Routing System:

  • Using laravel programmers adopt a routing approach that is simple and easy both.
  • Developers just need to create the appropriate directory for each URI and create links with different named routes while writing the PHP code.
  • Laravel inserts the URI based on the link that to route names and also update the routes automatically whenever they change.

5. Pagination:

  • Using laravel pagination becomes very easy as it can quickly generate an intelligent range of links that are based on the current page and HTML with a simple function called as paginate.
  • The generated links are compatible with the Bootstrap CSS framework.

6. App Structure:

  • These are made to offer an easy and convenient starting point for big and small size applications.
  • Using app structure one can organize the app easily as the way they like.

7. Blade Templates:

  • Blade a powerful and templating engine.
  • The blade doesn’t limit one from using plain PHP code in the views, in sharp contrast among PHP templating engines.
  • Blade views are gathered to plain PHP code and then cached.

8. Artisan CLI:

  • Another key element of Laravel is Artisan command-line interface.
  • With just a single magical artisan command you can create database migrations, seeders, listeners, models, controllers, and events.
  • Can view the list of commands by typing in PHP artisan in the project root.

9. Helper Functions:

  • These helper PHP functions can be used easily in the apps for free if they are suitable.
  • Laravel includes different helper PHP functions.

Wrap Up:

With the great number of features, Laravel has gone one batter and being one of the most popular frameworks of PHP.

Laravel is simple in nature to make an application, set up simple websites, code is straightforward easily readable.