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Keep Yourself Safe from COVID 19- Simple Precautions you Must Take

Keep Yourself Safe from COVID 19

Keep Yourself Safe from COVID 19- Simple Precautions you Must Take

Saturday April 25, 2020,

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Coronavirus disease or COVID-19 was discovered in China, in late 2019. This infectious disease has spread throughout the world and caused immense damage. This disease is contagious and spreads through small respiratory droplets. The disease spreads whenever an infected person sneezes, coughs or exhales the virus.

A person becomes severely infected, if he takes the virus through any of these mediums. It can also spread if you touch an area which has these droplets containing virus and later on, you either touch your eyes or nose. The symptoms of this disease can be mild illness, pneumonia, facing difficulty while breathing and also respiratory failure. It can be fatal for senior citizens who are facing health issues.

In order to be safe and avoid getting infected by this disease people are advised to wear face masks. A mask manufacturer in India can provide most or all types of masks depending upon availability. Generally there are three types of face masks and we will discuss about them separately:

1.        Homemade mask: When you are in a public place like grocery stores, medical shops, then it is advisable to wear a face mask which can be made at home with cloth. It is imperative to wash the face mask after every use. Also, make sure that when you remove the mask you are not touching sensitive areas like nose or eyes. Once removed, you must wash your hands immediately.


a) It can be made from easily available material like cloth.

b) It may lower the risk of spreading the virus through coughing, sneezing or speaking.

c) It is better than not wearing a mask in public places


a) They are not as effective as surgical mask or N95 respirator

b) Inspite of it, the best option to remain safe would be to follow hygienic methods and strictly obey social distancing.

2.        Surgical mask: These are disposable masks. They are constructed with loose fitting. It basically covers the chin, nose and mouth. If it is damaged or damped, then it has to be quickly replaced. They come in different designs. However, mostly they are in rectangular shape. It shields us from virus spread through sprays and similar sources.

It is easy to get in touch with a face mask supplier in India or in your area, and place an order for one. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with a disposable face mask supplier, if looking for use and throw options.

3.        N95 respirator: This is comparatively more tightly fitted as compared to others. Not only it restricts sprays it also filters close to 95% of minute particles, which involves bacteria and virus. It is mostly oval shaped and it seals the face tightly. It doesn’t have any standard size which fits all. It is tested to see whether it is sealing the face or else it will not provide necessary protection. The seal is checked every time when it is used.

It is difficult to seal it tightly if there are children involved. If interested in more details and clarification you can contact, N95 mask manufacturer in your area.

Other than using face masks, there are other effective ways to prevent the spread of killer disease. For example:

1.        Hands must be regularly washed: Hands should be frequently washed with water and soap. Alternatively, you should use a sanitizer with alcohol in it.

2.        Social distancing should be practiced: Avoid going in crowded places or contacting sick people. If your community or surrounding has many people or cases which are affected by Covid-19, then you should ideally not get out of your house.

3.        Hygiene: Be sure that you are touching sensitive areas like your mouth only when your hands are clean.

It is observed that washing hands as well as using hand sanitizers is very effective and helpful in fighting against Coronavirus. You can find many hand sanitizer suppliers in the market. There is an option to either consult your doctor about best hand sanitizer or search for your preferable sanitizer online. You can contact online suppliers like Join Hub Pharma or similar other manufacturers cum suppliers for more details. Place an order. Alternatively, detailed information about the best sanitizer in India or hand sanitizer price can be collected through Google search engine.

The most important thing is using the soap or sanitizer properly. Ideally, you must thoroughly wash your hands with good soap in normal running water. Scrub the hands for approximately 20 seconds at the minimum. While cleaning, areas like palms, fingers etc. extreme care must be taken. Instead of considering homemade hand sanitizers, you must consider using hot water with soap.

In these challenging hours, it is crucial to be cautious and educate our near and dear ones. There’s a lot of information about this virus. People are afraid because it has affected millions of lives. So, we must rely on trustable sources and be patient, as this issue will eventually be resolved.