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Salesforce Marketing Cloud: A genuine forum for marketing

Know how Salesforce built its Marketing Cloud to present a more influential platform for different digital organizations.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: A genuine forum for marketing

Wednesday May 27, 2020,

6 min Read

Salesforce is an organization which provides Customer Relationship Management services. This CRM company is established in California, America. Considering its new, customer-oriented services, it is safe to say that Salesforce is one of the best in the business. 

Today's world has evolved enormously and that not only paved the way for digital marketing, but developers are also bringing about new techniques to provide more precise services. Therefore, different digital organizations are collaborating with this company to produce a more accurate and customized product to their customers. 

Before conveying about Salesforce's invention of "Marketing Cloud" to provide its allied agencies with a more robust platform to proceed with their marketing, it's better to know a little about its origin.

The genesis and evolution of Salesforce Marketing Cloud 

Firstly, it should be mentioned that no inventions in history happened overnight. There were incidents of an absolute fiasco, following with its learning curves. Yet the developers who hold a Salesforce certification came up with a stronger and magnifying marketing cloud. 

There were also challenges faced by different agencies to continue with their digital marketing the challenges various organizations suffered before having a powerful Marketing platform are as follows - 

  • Initially, it was complicated to tap into different anecdotes of each customer from social networking sites.
  • Data on customers were getting stagnant at a place, and they were not being used properly.
  • The emergence of social networking and its massive expansion of online conversation required a forum which could handle that humongous amount of delivered content.
  • As there weren't any stable forms for digital marketing, different agencies couldn't easily find returns on their investments.
  • Last but not least, the communication between a company and its customers was getting strewn.

Considering the above-stated challenges which were faced by entrepreneurs, Salesforce invented their Marketing Cloud - A forum to integrate social information and programs. 

Why should one choose the Marketing cloud of Salesforce?

Salesforce is not the only service provider of Marketing Cloud in the industry. This company competes with several other organizations, such as IBM, Oracle, Adobe, etc. In this industry, Salesforce has a market share of 24% and the following image will give an overview of how this specific Marketing Cloud has evolved and become one of the most used. 

Now answer the question, what makes this Marketing Cloud well appreciated by its customers, follow the anecdotes below - 

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud gives you the space to plan, customize and enhance your customer's journey. 
  • One of the best aspects of this Marketing Cloud is that it can collaborate with any software, such as Workfront, Salesforce Sales Cloud, CRM, etc. to develop and offer better insight.
  • This Marketing Cloud gives you an avenue to locate your customer's journey throughout various channels and also the cycle of a consumer in a single software. 

Considering the facilities of this Cloud, it is safe to say that from 2012, gradually it has become one of the most opted marketing platforms. Companies like Aston-Martin, Phillips, Western Union, Vodafone have a colossal customer base, and they have been using the Salesforce Cloud to connect with their borrowers with ease.

What is this Marketing Cloud of Salesforce?

You already know how Salesforce has become one of the most opted forums for digital marketing and what can be expected from it. Although, the question arises, what is precisely this Marketing Cloud? What is its Modus Operandi?


To answer, it will be beneficial to convey what is a Marketing Cloud and what is its purpose. The Salesforce training received developers made such Clouds. Through these forums, precise, customized and related journeys are being delivered across multiple sources. This, in turn, provides marketers, to deliver a specific message to their intended customer, through a proper source.   

Now, coming to the Marketing Cloud tendered by Salesforce, it is a platform where one can save his customer's data. It is also a predictive forum where you can develop a 1-to-1 journey of your customers. 

This invention enables a marketer who holds a Salesforce certification, to handle his company's social conversations and such contents swiftly. Among its Modus Operandi, this Cloud provides various tools, so an agency can initiate its marketing techniques and carry out analytics on information acquired from its customers. 

As it is now somewhat clear to everyone what is the Marketing Cloud developed by Salesforce. It should be better to know about the different channels and platforms provided the same, which are proven as beneficial features for a digital agency. The features are as follows - 



To execute an impactful marketing strategy, the developers with a Salesforce certification have built six different platforms. The platforms are as follows -

Marketing Cloud Builder - One of the platforms provided by Salesforce is its Marketing Builder. It helps you to get access to your anecdotes on each customer. It also enables you to optimize connections between different Salesforce products. 

Content Developer - These platforms enable one to create, handle and keep track of his content across multiple channels, through a specific source. The sophisticated features and comprehensible algorithm helps one to develop and deliver crisp and magnificent content for every customer. 

Audience Builder - Not only does this platform help you to attract your target audience, but it also allows your consumer one view from multiple sources. 

Customization Builder - The function of this platform is to create a profile of your customer, and the said customized profiles can be delivered to multiple channels.

Journey Builder - This enables a marketer to develop a 1-to-1 journey of their customers. Not only you can deliver such journeys but also evaluate the progress and enhance them accordingly.

Analytics Developer - This platform enables one to figure out new insights regarding his customers.




Like there are few platforms which help a marketer to execute their marketing operations. There are also five channels which also helps one for the same. The following are the channels -

Social Studio - One of the essential channels of this Marketing Cloud is its Social Studio. This channel enables you to keep track of conversation happening in multiple sources. Not only is it easily accessible by one with a Salesforce certification, but its features are made consumer-friendly and can be used by any marketer. Furthermore, it also helps you to organize, initiate and keep track of various marketing campaigns.

Advertising Studio - This channel helps one to handle Ad promotions and find information about his customers.

Mobile Studio - Another channel, Mobile enables you to handle messages and interact with your customers through geo-locations. 

Web Studio - These channels offer various tools so that one can create engaging websites. Further, it helps one to keep track of and gain data of their customers.

Email Studio - Through this channel, not only you can create engaging emails but also send useful emails to your target customers.

Final note

The developers who hold a Salesforce Certification Training have built their Marketing Cloud to bring in a new era of digital platform. This Cloud has multiple platforms and channels, which helps a marketer to provide a more accurate service to his customers.