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7 Biggest B2B Website Design Trends to Embrace in 2020

7 Biggest B2B Website Design Trends to Embrace in 2020

Tuesday February 11, 2020,

7 min Read

Web design for B2B and B2C are different due to the goals and psychological peculiarities of their audiences. However, both of them consider a website as the most appropriate place for a sales presentation to a target audience. The website can tell a lot about the company, its culture, expertise, reputation, and authoritativeness. It is the first place a prospective customer will check to learn more about a company. So, it should have a top-notch design.

In this article, we will overview the top seven biggest trends in the B2B website design for 2020. Are you an entrepreneur, marketing executive, designer, or even a developer who wants to learn how to make a B2B website more appealing? Keep on reading.

Illustration by Julia Hanke  for Fireart Studio

Illustration by Julia Hanke for Fireart Studio

Digital Illustrations

Illustration by Leo Natsume

Illustration by Leo Natsume

As one of the hottest graphic design trends, digital illustration offers uniqueness by default since it is difficult to repeat, so it helps a company stand out from its competitors. Illustrations set more emotional communication between a brand and customers if you use them in B2C web design. However, the B2B audience is less frequently driven by emotions, so in B2B web design, digital illustration performs many other functions.

Digital illustration on a B2B website adds more personality to the company’s visual style. It manifests that a company stands for creativity and can offer unique solutions for businesses that will become its clients and partners. Moreover, the illustration makes a website stand out from competitors on the web, make the user experience more immersive, and memorable. It can help create a lasting impression on the prospective leads.

One of the most engaging design trends is isometric illustration. It is a perfect fit for a B2B website since it looks more straightforward, features clean lines and angles that are usually associated with logic, reliability, and transparency in collaboration.


Animation by Aslan Almukhambetov for Explain Ninja

Animation by Aslan Almukhambetov for Explain Ninja

Similar to digital illustration, animation brings more style to website design. Using animation, you can demonstrate complicated concepts and transfer complex information about your SaaS products or services in the easy-to-digest form.

Animation helps businesses spice up their online image, breathe life into flat illustrations, and make the client interested in creative approaches, which a company can suggest to him/her.

There are many practical uses of animation on a B2B website. For example, you can design an animated mascot that helps users navigate on a website or tells about the company’s history, reputation proved by previous customers and describes services in a nutshell.

On a B2B website, you can place a short animated scene that depicts the interaction of the client and a company, the process of their collaboration, and successful outcome. Another excellent idea is to produce a short animated video about a company and its solutions and use it as a website background under the header.

B2B companies can use animated explainer videos on their websites to tell prospective clients how they can use particular digital products or services. It helps leads get a quick idea about how your company operates and what it offers.


Microinteraction Design by Oleg Frolov

Microinteraction Design by Oleg Frolov

The magic of microinteractions is stunning. It makes the web user experience more exciting and interesting. Do you remember a slight change when you hover over any website element or a button? It is a microinteraction.

From the most straightforward types, like the color change of a button, to more complicated ones, like the change of the angle of view, microinteractions vary and can make your B2B website look more alive.

They make the user’s time spent on a website more enjoyable and eliminate negative user experience while something is long-loading on a website or if any other slight issues occur there. For example, if a web page is loading longer than it should be, in the meanwhile, you can show an animated countdown to entertain a user. It also helps users feel “more control” over a browsing process which can significantly improve the overall web experience.

Bold Typography

 Web Design by Mike

Web Design by Mike

The year 2020 is going to be featured by the extensive use of bold and bright typography. This attention-grabbing element makes a website stand out from others and stick in the user’s memory for a longer time.

Custom typography can become a tasty peculiarity of your website experience and add more texture and voice to the B2B company’s online presence. Masterfully designed and used on a website, bold typography can create desirable brand associations such as power, significance, and courage. It is literally screaming that cooperation with this company can bring massive results and success to a client.

Web Design by Mike

Web Design by Mike

Using bold and vivid typography on a B2B website, the company can transfer a subliminal message that sounds like there are no limits for the project scalability and success for those businesses that choose for this company as a partner.

Voice User Interface

Motion Design Concept by Divan Raj

Motion Design Concept by Divan Raj

Have you ever asked, “Ok, Google! How many voice searches are completed per month?” The figures are surprising.

According to QuoraCreative, 40% of people use mobile voice search at least once every day. 20% of users state that they apply voice search at least once during the month. What is most surprising, the user category of 55–64 years old also uses a mobile voice search (9%).

These impressive statistics make us realize that the voice search trend can significantly impact B2B website performance. You may not consider the voice user interface for your site; however, you must think of optimizing your content for this digital tendency.

The majority of voice searches consist of particular topic-related questions. Are you sure your website content answers them effectively? Only 3.8% of businesses have the correct answers to basic voice searches, according to statistics provided by Mobile Marketer. So, optimization for voice searches is what can make your business differ and win on the web.

Artificial Intelligence

You might already be familiar with AI elements on B2B websites. Some of them are chatbots. In 2020 they will evolve even more and transform web experience in the process of human-like interaction. Besides offering round clock support to users, bots will likely be able to talk in a more “human” way and make customers feel more connected directly to a company.

When it comes to B2B design, using AI on a website is all about improving the prospective customer’s journey and making a positive impression of the company. Chatbots are a part of the outstanding UX that makes users feel that a company cares about their comfort. Working in B2B, you must know that this trait is critical for successful collaboration. When a service provider really cares about the client’s satisfaction and success, it may be the beginning of a long-term partnership.


Personalization is one of the biggest B2B web design trends in 2020. When a website offers the content and information which is relevant to a user, it also impacts the overall UX. More and more companies nowadays are moving towards personalized web experiences that encourage user engagement and offer web visitors precisely what they have been looking for.

Build a Successful B2B Website!

The web design and development are fast-evolving, and 2020 is going to be featured by a higher level of personalization, security, voice search optimization, and implementation of new AI technologies. 

To make a B2B company stand out from its competitors on the web, you should also be aware of graphic design trends that can perfectly complement web design and a brand style. Beautiful digital illustrations, engaging animated videos, and lovely microinteractions add more character to a website, help a brand shape its voice, and demonstrate the company’s full potential to its prospective customers.